The Robot’s Pajamas at Wondercon


This last weekend Babette and I made a whole weekend of going to San Francisco’s Wondercon comic book convention. There was plenty of adventure to be had and I have the highlights below.

*Please note that most of this text is found at ToyBender, but this contains a slightly altered version to appeal to my non-toy collecting fans here.

The Fonz: I’ve had perhaps one of the most surreal and coolest comic convention experiences I’ve had so far. Minutes into our first day my wife tugs excitedly on my sleeve with, “Oh my God, the Fonz!” I turn and see Henry Winkler walking down the aisle looking at stuff. After he stopped for a photo, my wife makes eye contact with him and not knowing what to do, she puts out her and and they shake. She says, “Nice meeting you” to which he replies, “You’re very beautiful” and he continues on his way.

Holy shit kids, the Fonz called my wife beautiful.

Watchmen Panel: Holy tits, I saw nearly thirty minutes of Watchmen. It’s so fugging awesome I metaphysically pooped myself.

Star Trek Panel: J.J. Abrams had to be on coke, and not the delicious soda kind. And the new trailer is ballsome, so I’m excited to see this now.

The Great Paper, Rock, Scissor-off: Babette wanted a graphic novel, but didn’t want to pay full price so I tried haggling the large black man that was helping to run the booth. He challenged me to Rock Paper Scissors. If I won, I’d get it for free. Well, I lost and I lost big. I kept picking scissors due to the fact he had me so psyched out. I’m the worst Rock, Paper, Scissors player in the universe.

Victorian Era Time Travelers: Holy crap, is this so over. Everyone and their mother is dressed up like one of these people. It was cool a year or so ago, but now it’s ridiculous. Move on to something else, please.

Wonder Woman Animated Feature: We got to see the premier of the Wonder Woman animated feature that is coming out this week. It was so awesome that I hit second puberty while watching it. See it, buy it, and love it.

Mark Hamill is a Jerk: Why? Simple. He charges a hundred fucking dollars for an autograph.

Sam and Max: I had the pleasure of meeting the PR person for Telltale games that was super nice. They’re making the Sam and Max episodic game which has been out on PC for awhile available on XBox Live Arcade. Since my PC is a piece of crap, this is the kind of news I’ve been waiting for since the game was first announced a few years ago.

  • I’ve only seen the show, but Sam and Max is one of the weirdest shows ever.

    In this post, you refer both to “Babette” and your “wife Diane.” All I’m asking is, how many wives do you have? Do you call them by their names at home or is there a number system?

    It sounds like a pretty fun experience all around! I don’t really read any comics these days, but sometimes we buy a new TMNT comic. Those are quite good.

  • Vincent

    Emma, I have three wives and two girlfriends, but in answer to your question: That’s what happens when I copy text from one site and don’t alter it in another.

    It was really fun. I must stress it’s not all about comics at all, so if you go to something like this and you have nerd leanings you’ll find something to entertain yourself.

  • Boy Blunder

    Gee Batman aren’t you afraid you might have disclosed your super secret identity…