The Robot’s Pajama Party (Bonus): A Spookified Halloween Show


Happy Halloween, boys and ghouls. Hahahaha… just having a little fun there! As a special Halloween treat, I decided to do a quick bonus episode of The Robot’s Pajama Party as a thank you to you fans during this spooky time of year. Instead of the usual geek chat with my co-hort Matty, we’ve got a scary old time radio episode of a show called, “Quiet, Please.” It’s super scary, so be sure to wear an extra pair of underoos!

And don’t worry, we’ll be back soon with the regular, great awesomeness that is the Robot’s Pajama Party after we get over our stomach aches brought on by the piles and piles of candy we plan on eating.

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Please Note: Audio on this one is a little screwed up, because I’m brand new at editing and my equipment sucks.

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  • I think I more enjoy pretending to be on OTR than actually listening to it. But that’s my burden to bear.

  • fellow otr listener

    sounded good 2 me