The Robot’s Pajama Party #4: Back in the Saddle

Oh boy, was November a bad month for podcasting. Now that the dust has settled, we have a brand spanking new episode of the Robot’s Pajama Party for your ear pleasures. There’s some great stuff this episode and frankly, I think the opening is amazing. We also get to talk to toy blogger and all around great guy Poe Ghostal about He-Mans.

Topics discussed: Vincent whines about Iron Giant, there’s Jaws 2 and Human Centipede talk, Two Earth shattering announcements will rock your world, our robot has a name, some Christmas memories, Tony Moore’s Venom, a few thoughts on the Walking Dead TV series, and an interview with Poe Ghostal (featuring a lot of He-Man talk).

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  • Good episode. The Jew stuff was pretty hilarious.

    I had to mute some of the Walking Dead stuff, still haven’t seen some episodes.

  • Oh and those He-Man redesigns are gay.

  • Vincent

    I don’t think we gave anything away re: walking dead. I couldn’t talk about the end because Matty hadn’t seen the last two and we also didn’t talk about any character deaths or much specifics on plot.

  • Matty

    Man, lookit how mopey Heman is. He’s probably so upset because THAT Skeletor is his arch nemesis.

  • PrfktTear

    Wow… although I concede that the artist is very talented but that He-Man and Skeletor reimagining at the very bottom is horrible. Skeletor looks like a cross between Frank N. Furter and Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. The one with Teela and the evil warriors is nice though.

  • Vincent

    Ross, I love that commercial. Thank you.

  • Oh man, I can be quite forgiving with a number of “bad” movies. I mean I really do enjoy Masters of the Universe as well. But Zardoz….I just….it wasn’t…..just no.

  • PrfktTear

    I can’t say that Masters of the Universe is a great film with a straight face like I can say Repo! The Genetic Opera is a great film, but it’s got both the nostalgic pop of being a He-Man film and taking me back to when I was a kid.

    I have memories of going to the movies from when I was very young. I know I was taken to see Star Trek: The Voyage Home back in ’86 or early ’87 when I was 4 years old. Transformers: the movie came out in the summer of ’86 when I was 4, and I have a foggy memory of having seen it, but I’m not quite sure if it was in theatres or not. I just remember Megatron’s transformation sequence where he’s reformatted into Galvatron. I also know I saw movies like *Batteries Not Inclued, Steven Spielberg’s Always, and of course ’89 Batman, but I have a strong memory of having gone to see Masters of the Universe.

    Going to see that film was pretty much the greatest moment of my life up to that point.