The Robot’s Pajama Party #2: Tony Moore’s Favorite Podcast

The power duo and their robot are back! This time they’re joined by a special guest, comic book artist Tony Moore! You might know Tony for his work on Fear Agent, The Walking Dead, The Punisher, and other great stuff. Even better is that it’s only part one of his interview. We’re going to slap you with a face full of Mr. Moore in two parts!

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Topics discussed: Books that should be movies or TV shows, big geek let downs, why 3D movies may or may not be good, Japanese hatred, Olivia Munn is a fake, and of course a fantastic sit-down with Tony Moore.

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Episode Links: Tony Moore’s Facebook page, Digital Monkey Box, Television Zombies, Joint Ops, Doom House, Creeping with Armstrong

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  • I heard 3D actually means the movie is 3x as dumb.

  • Vincent

    Movie snob!

  • I’d probably enjoy Piranha 3D more than Avatar in 3D.

  • Vincent

    Having never seen Piranha… I can say yes you would.

  • Tony

    I feel the exact same way about Olivia Munn. Don’t get her, don’t like her.

  • Van Helsing is in fact douche chill inducing. The only things that I liked about it was 1) Kate Beckinsale’s wardrobe and 2) their take on the design of the Frankenstein monster. But that whole cloud thing … yuck.

  • I like Olivia Munn, somewhat. I think some of the backlash is unwarranted, just because she blew up big (not here, but in general). I don’t think she’s that hot or anything, but she’s obviously not as geeky as Sarah Lane or as she pretends. I think she has become more geeky as AOTS went on. I don’t think she’s a genuine geek, but has grown to appreciate those things more. Which I guess, is kind of cool?

    Piranha 3D has a lot of boobs, so clearly it’s better than Avatar.

    Doctor Who you can jump on at pretty much any point, really. I’d say Doctor Who with the new show, which is what was said on the podcast. You can move backwards with Who, but it’s good to start with the new stuff at Doctor #9. Some of the old stuff can be tons of fun though. The 2nd Doctor had a lot of neat stuff.

    I never got into BSG or Final Fantasy. Not a huge fan of turn based combat, either.

    Other than that, we sound similar. I think it’s interesting when you see different sects of geek culture. There are whole big things that I missed out on.

    Fun podcast.

  • Can’t wait to listen to this!!!

  • Vincent

    Thanks for the comments you guys. Comments fuel our atomic robot hearts.

    I guess I got a little harsh on Ms. Munn, I’m more angry at the way she’s been sold to geeks. Newton, you say that maybe she got more interested in geek stuff as AOTS went on, but I think that was in response to the rise in popularity she was getting due to geeks. She found her niche that she could cash in on.

    Double Dumbass, Frankenstiens monster was pretty kick ass in that movie.

  • Oh man, that Morgan Webb thing from the E3 we went to still irks me. I bought that issue just because she was in it and thought I might be able to get it signed when we were at the show. Sure, meeting her was neat (and Sessler was awesome), but it was such a huge letdown when she didn’t sign it. Did she not think fans would ask her to sign it ever? I still haven’t seen Van Helsing or Avatar. I may watch Avatar someday to see what people are raving over about the technical achievements they made, but from the trailers it just didn’t look like a good movie so I had no desire to see it in the theater and it isn’t anywhere on my current “to watch” list.

  • Vincent

    Heh, as you can tell that Morgan Webb thing still makes me mad.

  • Prest

    hi there. been a long time listener to being a dudecast through the legion of tangent. I don’t use itunes and cant seem to find the RSS feed for this podcast to add manually to my pod catcher.

    Please help!!!!


  • Vincent

    There should be a link that says, “Direct Link to the Show” at the bottom of the post, but above the ad. You should be able to get to the feed there, by clicking on the feed button on the left of the page that comes up.

    In addition, if you hit play on the above Flash player, then click on the menu on the left (it looks like little boxes) there will be an option that comes up that says, “Subscribe” you should be able to get the the show’s feed from there.

    Hope this helps, I’m not very technical.

    Thanks for listening and being a loyal fan!

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