The Return of Optimus Prime

I realize that this might be a little too nerdy for some folks, so I’ve made a list of things you need to know before watching it if you aren’t a big Transformers fan.

1. In the Transformers movie (cartoon) Optimus Prime died along with a lot of other robots.

2. The leadership was passed to a guy named Hot Rod who became Rodimus Prime.

3. The regular series went on after the movie with Rodimus leading with a bunch of new Transformers, including one that had a high voice that rhymed, and another that spoke really fast.

4. They revived Optimus Prime at the end of the series, mostly because he kicks a lot of ass.

Wow, after explaining that I never realized how dumb all of this sounds. Anyway, enjoy the comedy gold!

Thanks to: Topless Robot

  • Todd and I watched this last night. I only know the bare basics about Transformers, so your into was helpful. Todd has Transformers Nerd-Level Knowledge of the topic.

    We both found this video funny, but it totally cracked Todd up. One of our first conversations this morning about about Goldbug and Shitpiece.