The Prisoner Returns!

If there’s one show that I’m nervous about seeing a return of, it’s The Prisoner. If you don’t know what the Prisoner is, then you’re missing out. The show is a balls to the wall awesome acid trip into a world where a spy retires and then finds himself stuck on the world’s most fucked up island. Here, I’ll shut my trap and you watch this:

And this*:

The Prisoner is making a come back, but I have a couple of fears about it. First and foremost, Patrick McGoohan is dead. That’s kind of a big problem, considering he’s the genius behind the original series. Secondly, it’s not the 1960s. It’s going to be nearly impossible to replicate the wonder of the show with today’s audiences. Still, I wish them the best of luck. The nine minute preview (below) looks decent and it’s got Gandalf the Grey as Smooth Criminal, which is always a nice touch. The only downside is that it looks like they could go a little Lost with this thing and that’s not cool. And there’s no Patrick McGoohan. We need to clone him and put him on this show.

Did I mention the terrible lack of Patrick McGoohan? Okay, just checking.

*The Batman TV show announcer kind of makes the show seem a bit crappier in the trailer, doesn’t he?

  • This show seems to have been in the can for the longest time…. let’s hope that when they open it up in November, it don’t stink too bad……… Heck, how long does it take to make six episodes of something? McGoohan made 17 in half the time……