The Post c2e2 Wrap Up Extravaganza!

Vincent   May 2, 2017   Comments Off on The Post c2e2 Wrap Up Extravaganza!


This year’s c2e2 was one heck of a comic/pop culture extravaganza. It feels like the con is double the size it was when it first started. There was a lot to see and I feel like I barely got to most of it. I mainly stuck to the booths and people watching and I found some super cool stuff. First though, I need to say the real hero of the convention was Revolution Brewing. Early on Saturday me and my girlfriend both had one of these 22 ounce beauties and it took the edge off from having to deal with all the tons of people. If you can drink, I recommend getting nice and loaded as you walk around a con. The negative? You want to spend a lot more.


There’s a lot of interesting things that you can buy at a convention and these hats are certainly… interesting. Dig that Harambe hat.


Bandai had a pretty cool booth. These Dragonball Z figures look pretty awesome together. Love the blast effect.


I haven’t seen these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon inspired figures in person before. They rule.


Super 7 had a pretty impressive booth with lots of cool stuff.


Like I said, Super 7 had some cool stuff. They’re still going strong with their Alien merch. They also had a lot of MUSCLE inspired figures that were pretty cool.


More Super 7 figures. They’re still doing their retro styled figures.


Diamond Select had some cool stuff. This hat is deeping fairly deep into the pop culture reference bin. I dig it.


There was one video game booth that had some cool stuff in it.


That’s right, at one point kids could get a vest that would allow them to “feel punches” from fighting games. It didn’t sell very well when kids figured out they could get punched for free.


I saw a few things like this at the show. Black and white photo prints that were a mash up of stuff that was in a WWII or WWI setting. I don’t understand it. I don’t think the people selling them made them.


Over at the Battle Babies/Warlords of Wor booth they had some cool Galaxxor glyos figures. They look pretty cool Here’s a link to the Galaxxor facebook page.


Here’s some of the Warlords of Wor figures. They were awesome, you can mix and match their parts. Some of them had neat translucent plastic. Here’s the Warlords of Wor facebook page.


The Battle Babies booth had some cool stuff too. These custom figures had a great theme of “popular boys”, sports playing weirdo figure. Very awesome. Here’s the Battle Babies facebook page.


There was some energy drink mix company there. For some reason they had a magician in addition to their drink you could have for free. It tasted okay. There was also a protein powder booth, but the dudes looked pretty tough so I didn’t take a picture of them and risk them beating me up.


I said outloud to my girlfriend, “I wonder what they’re dressed up as.” She said they were from some Hooters knock off restaurant. Slick marketing ploy.


The Japanese are funny. Zoids is a toy line/anime about big robot animals. For some reason they were able to do a line of titty bikini toys under the Zoids umbrella.


It’ll never not be funny to me that the weirdo movie Dune (which I love) had the usual franchise trappings that included toys. I’ve never seen one of the Dune Sandworm toys in person before, much less in the package.


Another toy I’ve never seen (or actually knew about) was Blade Runner toy cars from Ertl. I have no idea how much they wanted for them, I assumed it was a lot more than I was willing to spend.


Funko PoP toys were everywhere, I mean everywhere. I’m not going to hate on them, I don’t get how they’re *this* popular.


There were full booths selling only Funko Pops.


And another one.


And another one.


Yep, one more.


And yet one more. Holy crap.


Another con thing that hasn’t gone away is the mystery box. It got even bigger this year. This is one I really, really don’t get. At least with something like subscription boxes you can get an inkling of what you’ll be getting. This is a total gamble.


The more the box looks like something that reminds you of something else, the better.


They were seriously everywhere.


Hey look! mystery boxes!


There were even artisan mystery boxes!