The Politics of The Force Awakens Explained!

force awakens 26 phasma leads stormtroopers

One of my biggest complains about The Force Awakens is that the state of the galaxy is not explained very well. How is there a Republic when there’s an Empire like organization? If the Republic is in power, why is the Resistance called The Resistance if the good guys are in charge? There’s certainly not fighting the New Republic. Without knowledge of the political structure of the galaxy, it’s a bit confusing to figure out the motivations of The First Order.

Well, there’s a publication that contains the answers these pretty important backstory that really should have been in the movie. Like most things on the internet, it was posted without any attribution to the source (just a random link on Twitters), so I don’t know who originally posted it. This comes from The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary.

Be sure to check out the rest of the pages too, as they help a lot with the understanding.

While having this in printed form is nice, I’m really hoping there’s some sort of deleted scenes that really get into it.