The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 is Great

Vincent   April 12, 2017   Comments Off on The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 is Great


When Mystery Science Theater 3000 revealed the first episode to Kickstarter backers I was a little more lukewarm than most fans that had seen the show, however I was still on board. It was then revealed that higher levels of backers would get access to all the episodes. Since I pledged into that range, I got a headstart on watching the series before it hit Netflix.

I must state up front that I can’t give away any details about the rest of the episodes. No spoilers of any kind including the titles of the movies, jokes, or even screen shots. This is due to a request from Joel Hodgson asking backers to not reveal anything until everyone else can see it on Netflix and I’m honoring that request. I can give you general impressions though.

After the first episode I really began to fall in love with the new series. Jonah does an excellent job as do the bots. Patton Oswalt was born to play the part of TV’s Son of TV’s Frank. And I’ve never cared for Felicia Day in any previous role, but she really fits the role of the new Dr. Forester.


The only negative so far is that there’s a couple of very minor changes that bother me a bit, but again I can’t really go into them here. I can say that the jokes they make are pretty quick fire and that doesn’t always work for me. I was never a fan of the Robin Williams style of 10,000 jokes a second. Even with that quibble, Mystery Science Theater 3000 rebirth is fun stuff.

Those new to MST3K shouldn’t be lost, since the show is a bit rebooty, however at the same time there’s tons of Easter Eggs for old fans like myself. There’s lots of surprises in store for fans, which I guess I didn’t expect. I thought it would just be them making fun of movies and invention exchanges, but there’s more joy to be had than just that.

When the show hits Netflix smash that play button, you’re going to like it if you like bad movies and making fun of bad movies.