The New Avengers Trailer

Vincent   October 12, 2011   Comments Off on The New Avengers Trailer

Now that the dust has settled a day after the epic release of the upcoming Joss Whedon helmed Avengers movie, I feel like I can offer my inane commentary.

Twitter exploded with nerdgasims of joy when this thing hit, in fact some commenters said they were crying tears of joy. Really? Tears? Discounting the obviously overblown reactions, on a whole it was extremely well received. Reports from all over the web included people who wanted to watch it all day.

I liked what I saw personally, but I don’t understand why so many people completely lost their shit over this trailer. To me it looked like every other Marvel movie trailer. Sure, there were more superheroes in one movie, but it was just a bunch of meaningless explosions and posing. And yeah, I realize that it’s me saying this, someone who is very easily impressed by meaningless explosions and posing. Maybe I was expecting too much. I had only watched the trailer because people wouldn’t shut up about how great it was. I thought I’d see something really new and exciting and I saw more of the same.

The worst part of the trailer has to be that last line. The only way the, “we’ll avenge it” line would work is if Tony Stark meant it as a joke and they used it seriously in the trailer. The fellow at iGeekTrooper said that he felt like it was something Captain America would say. I feel that too, perhaps it would have been a hell of a lot less corny if Cap said it followed by a snarky quip by Stark, but what do I know? I’m just some geek on the internet.

Now before you get your nerd rage on, I’m not saying that The Avengers is going to be a bad movie or anything. I did like the trailer, I just didn’t like it as much as 99% of you.

Oh and I will concede that these days I’m more of a DC guy, so maybe I’d have been much more excited if it was Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern running around in a Justice League flick, but we all know that’s never going to happen.