The Nerdy Show’s Ghostbusters RPG Ghost Die and Equipment Cards


I love the Ghostbuster’s RPG and I’ve recently found that the Nerdy Show Podcast crew has a podcast called Ghostbusters Resurrection that features a group of nerds playing the Ghostbusters RPG. It’s really well done and enjoyable, but the most important thing they’ve done is become a resource of the original game books in their Ghostbusters roleplaying hub that have long been out of print. But even better than that, they’ve gone ahead and created a couple of sets that I’d say are a must have for Ghostbusters RPG players and just plain fun items for a Ghostbusters fan.


The coolest set is their Franchise Kit which comes with a certificate that’s personalized for your local Ghostbusters HQ, Personal cards, equipment cards, and a custom Ghost Die.


You can also get your hands on just the equipment cards and the Ghost Die separately in their RPG Starter pack.

These two sets of items are significant for fans of the Ghostbusters RPG. The equipment cards that came with the original game are serviceable, but not super durable and if you don’t want top pony up the cash for a printed copy of the game, they’re better than making your own. More important than the cards is the Ghost Die. The Ghost Die is an important element in the game and while you can do without by rolling with one differently colored die or some die with something fancy on the 1 spot, it’s just not the same. Our team has been using a die that has a skull. It works, but it’s not as fun.


I ordered two of the Starter Packs because I wanted two Ghost Dice (just one pictured). A Ghost Die is really hard to find and the real deal dice go for a lot on eBay. I was excited to finally get my hands on one. You may notice something about the die… it’s missing the details on the face. I’m going to venture a guess that this is their way of trying to get around copyright. I’m confident that I can paint them in there if I really wanted to. You might have also noticed that the Ghost Die doesn’t look as fantastic as the images on their site portrays it to be. The etching is a bit off and the paint application is a bit off. The other die is a little bit better, but it isn’t perfect either. Despite the flaws, I’m fairly easy to please and these Ghost Dice are better than none at all.


The Equipment Cards are way cooler than I thought they’d be. They come in a great pack that looks like the containment unit on the outside. Also of note is that nowhere on the package or cards does it say “Ghostbusters”, another copyright evasion, I’m sure. The cards themselves are super high quality and they’ll definitely replace the ones we use now, except for some custom ones I’ve made for the game (bicycles, Swatches, flashlights). The card design is excellent, the card backs look cool and the art for the items looks great too.

For ten bucks a pop I feel like it was really worth the cash. I finally have two Ghost Dice for far less than the cost of one from eBay and I also get some sweet cards. Kudos to The Nerdy Show crew for putting these out there for Ghostbusters RPG fans.

  • Hi Vincent, this is Doug the GM from Nerdy Show’s Ghostbusters Resurrection podcast. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to see your review, but I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying your starter set! My players definitely know the pain that comes from playing with inferior dice and cards. That’s why we started offering kits in the first place. We’re also looking to create an expansion pack of new equipment, but there is still a lot of “research” to be done. Thank you for the kind review. I hope your starter set continues to enhance your game for years to come. :-)

  • Hey Doug,

    I wanted to say thank you for the comment. I’ve listened to a bunch of your podcast episodes where you play the game and it’s very entertaining.

    We haven’t played in awhile because a key player left, but I’m hoping to get to it again.

  • Thanks!

    We also lost Bjornstad after season one due to a hectic work schedule. But those ghosts ain’t gonna bust themselves! See if you can work the absence into the game. My guys definitely felt like they were in over their heads for a long while. But that made it so much more fun.