The Most Convoluted Horror Movie Villain Deaths

mr potato head jason voorhees

Horror villains usually come with some sort of weakness. Sunlight. The final girl fighting back, usually with some sort of phallic weapon. Ignoring them. But sometimes, especially in sequels, the rules on how to beat a villain get a little elaborate. We’ve put together some of the stranger ways movie villains have been dispatched. Enjoy.

Amityville 4’s Lamp

After three movies in a row where people really should’ve known better about going into a haunted house, the fourth movie involved a haunted… lamp. Some priests were trying to exorcise the house and the evil fled into a lamp which got sold at a yard sale. By the end of the movie, it takes a priest, mom and grandma to fight against the lamp. Ultimately, they are able to defeat the evil by throwing the lamp out the window. Above is the last 10 minutes condensed into 3.

Signs’ Aliens

signs alien

It was never a good idea for aliens to try to invade Earth when their weakness is water. But the overly-elaborate finale involves a lot of elements to come together over what essentially adds up to a guy hitting an alien with a bat. But it couldn’t be that simple. First, the alien infects a kid with spores, but he ends up okay because he has asthma and his lungs had closed. The guy swinging the bat used to be a baseball player. The kid had a weird habit of putting cups of water all over the house. And the father of this family remembers his dying wife telling his brother to swing his bat. So… that’s a lot of setup for a reason to hit a monster with a bat.

Wishmaster’s Djinn

wishmaster 3 djinn

I don’t know if the evil genie (Djinn, in the movie) is actually named Wishmaster. I never hear anyone call him that. But I’m calling him Wishmaster. Anyway, in the first two movies, the heroine essentially uses a wish to get a do-over and beat him. Fine, it’s all about wishes. But the third movie gets much stranger. Diana wishes for St. Michael, the literal archangel to protect her from Wishmaster. So now there’s an angel running around. But only Diana can defeat the Wishmaster with St. Michael’s sword for… reasons. But she isn’t worthy yet. She later tries to kill herself because then she can’t use her third wish which would set Wishmaster free. Wishmaster prevents her from dying. But her failed suicide somehow makes her worthy of being able to hold St. Michael’s sword and with it she kills Wishmaster. What?



In the first movie, the evil Leprechaun’s weakness was a four-leaf clover. Huh? I never heard that in any mythology before. But yeah, by jamming a clover in him, it kills him. Of course he comes back. The third movie had an even weirder way to kill him. The heroes in that movie burned his gold and that made him burn up and die. Like, he’s somehow connected to his gold. So, if you ever want to kill an evil leprechaun, either stuff a four-leaf clover in him or burn his gold (pro tip: gold does not actually burn).

Freddy Krueger

freddys dead

In the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie, Nancy is able to defeat Freddy by simply turning her back to him which takes away his power. By part 6, it got a lot more convoluted. His thus far unmentioned daughter dons a special pair of dream glasses (meant as a cue for the audience to put on 3D glasses) and teams up with a teenager in the same dream to put a pipe bomb in Freddy. He blows up and it releases “dream demons” which had given him his power. No explanation for why killing him in the past did not release these dream demons.


dracula hawthorn bush

In the Hammer Film Productions movie The Satanic Rites of Dracula, his archenemy Van Helsing draws Dracula into a hawthorn bush, which out of nowhere is now one of his weaknesses. He gets stuck in the thorns and Van Helsing drives a wooden fence post through him, turning him into ash. But seriously? Some brambles?

Michael Myers

halloween 6

For most of the series, Michael Myers was simply a man. Sure, he was mute and unknowable in a sense. But things got really, really weird in part 6 when they retroactively said that Michael had been influenced by druids his whole life. And then Tommy, the hero of part 6 laid out some Celtic rune stones on the floor and it froze Michael in place. Some tiles on the floor stopped him. Exciting.

Jason Voorhees

 jason takes manhattan toxic waste

Jason gets tougher to kill in every movie but part 8, Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan, sure has the strangest ending. He ends up chasing two teens through the sewers of Manhattan. Then, a wave of toxic waste (!) is flushed through the sewer and it covers Jason, melting him until he ends up as… a normal little kid. What?!

  • Liam Warner

    Wasn’t the explanation for part 6 of nightmare on elm street being it was the first time he was “killed” in the real world since he was originally killed by the vigilante mob? I should probably rewatch that series some time.

  • Chris Piers

    That might be right. Although when the kids in the later Freddy vs Jason movie bring Freddy into the real world, it seems he can’t be killed ultimately. The thing is, the movies are entertaining individually but contradict each other a bunch.

  • Liam Warner

    Most do, in fact some aren’t even consistent over the course of a single movie.