The Midwest Gaming Classic 2017: Some Cool and Ridiculous Stuff

Vincent   April 11, 2017   Comments Off on The Midwest Gaming Classic 2017: Some Cool and Ridiculous Stuff

The Midwest Gaming Classic has come and gone. The convention hosts tons of classic games to play, stuff to buy, bands to listen to and more. If you don’t live within a distance to make it to the Milwaukee area then fear not, I’ve got a lot to report!


I went to the con last year, so I had already seen most of the stuff in the “museum” section before. It was still nice to get a glance at some of the super old or obscure artifacts of gaming history.


What does Robocop have to do with the Tom Hanks/Dan Akaroid Dragnet flick? Not sure, but they seem to belong together in this Spanish pinball game.


I met Brian F. Colin again this year. He’s the artist behind such games as Rampage, Xenophobe, and Arch Rivals and he runs his own game company, Game Refuge. They’re going to be making a Rampage movie with The Rock staring and Brian made up some cool film crew shirts. Now he says he’s not working on the film since he was only an employee of Midway at the time, so he doesn’t have any rights to the original Rampage game. He will be able to visit the set though and hand out a bunch of the t-shirts. I hope he gets a cameo.


Pay a dollar, spend an hour untangling the cords to get your controller. What a nightmare.


Okay, I know how little everyone thinks of the 32X. It was a pile of garbage. However, when I was a kid I totally bought into the Sega marketing and I was all in. I remember getting the games and being really disappointed. They weren’t really any better than a Super Nintendo game! I kept hoping better games were going to come out and justify the thing. Then I read about Spider-Man Web of Fire and it promised to be the killer app for the system… and then I never saw it. Ever. And I constantly looked. I figured it never came out. Nope, it came out and it is super freaking rare. I didn’t even know it really existed until I saw it for sale. The price? I didn’t even ask. I knew I couldn’t afford it. When I got home I looked it up on eBay.. it goes for 300 to 500 bucks. Yikes!

And would have it saved the system? No. Just watch this video. The graphics are better than the Genesis, but not by a ton. And that music. Oh so bad.


This pinball game, NBA Fastbreak, is now one of my favorite pinball games. I’m not even into sports, it’s that fun! It really captures the feel of basketball on a table with silver balls, which sounds weird I know. The running commentary and sound effects are brilliant.


If you were a Garfield collector one dealer could make your dreams come true.


There were a couple of small companies making new pinball games. One of them is Spooky Pinball and they had a game called Total Annihilation. I didn’t get to play it, but it had a really cool look. It was futuristic, but old school with it’s design and bare wood. The sound effects were great.


The Vectrex is a cool old school system. The Vectrex itself is worth about a grand and the games are maybe a couple hundred a pop? That’s an expensive ass pile of games just sitting there.


The guy selling this poster wanted a thousand dollars for it. A thousand fucking dollars for this poster. A thousand dollars. One thousand dollars.


This is some real bullshit. The guy bought the game at Goodwill and then marked it up… which hey I’m cool with that. I’d do it myself. The shitty thing is that he just left the sticker right on there just to taunt your ass. Hey guess what, you *could* have gotten this for a couple of bucks, but this dude found it first. Oh and to add insult to injury he marked it up. That’s right, in the part that is blacked out you could clearly see that it used to be 140 dollars.