The Live Action Star Wars Promises… to Disappoint


There’s been some talk about what characters will or won’t be in the long promised live action Star Wars television series. Author Karen Travis has said that her upcoming book about Boba Fett had to be canceled due to conflicts with what was planned for the character in the series. Of course, they didn’t tell her exactly what conflicted, so we’ll just have to wait for the show. It’s just nice to know he’ll be in it. As far as the story goes, good old Mr. Lucas has said that it will be much darker in tone than in the prequels and there will be a lot more talking… which likely means more character interactions and plot.

This all adds up to me starting to get excited about the live action Star Wars show and I don’t like that. It means I’ll be disappointed. I must lower my expectations, otherwise it’ll be Phantom Menace all over again. Or maybe not. I mean, it could be good… oh shit. It’s happening.

Thanks to: Io9

  • Ken

    Be optimistic! It might be a great edition to the Star Wars universe! Of course, there’s nothing wrong by lowering one’s expectations. ANY film/TV show/book/game, etc.. WILL disappoint if it’s hyped up too much. I myself enjoyed Phantom Menace because I walked into the theaters with small expectations.

  • Vincent

    Ken you should be my life coach.

  • Chad B

    Yeah, I try to go into every movie now with low expectations. For some it’s hard but it really helped me make it through Transformers 2 last year.

  • I’m still hopeful. *crosses fingers*