The Iron Man 2 Trailer Pisses Me Off

Remember the other day when I posted how great the Iron Man 2 trailer is and how it’s going to be a great movie? Well, scratch that, I’m actually mad at the trailer after thinking about it. If I’m seeing it correctly, the briefcase armor shows up after the F1 race car crash. That really pisses me off.


Why? Well, in the lead up to the trailers it was shown that Tony Stark is in a race where Whiplash shows up and tries to kill him. Tony crashes his car and here he is, all naked and helpless in front of a super powered freak (and I’m not referring to Whiplash, I’m talking about Micky Rourke). These previews really got me excited. How is Tony going to get out of this one when he’s powerless? Will another hero like War Machine show up to save him? Will he defeat Whiplash using only his wits? This left me in a big cliff hanger and I was really excited to find out how he got out of this nasty situation.

If he indeed uses the briefcase armor in that scene, then all that anticipation is lost. He has briefcase armor and he fights his way out of it. Still cool, but not as cool as the reveal would have been in the theater while watching the fucking movie. I sometimes try to avoid seeing news coverage and I almost always avoid extra footage for movies I really want to see, this is exactly why I haven’t posted the Predators footage that’s been floating around the geeky interwebs in the last few days. I don’t want to see it, because I want to see the film and be surprised. Most of the times trailers are relatively safe, but not in this case. It might have been a minor plot point. For me though, it was one hook that had me wanting more. Hell, wouldn’t it have been even more exciting going in without knowing that the briefcase armor was in the film at all? Wouldn’t we nerds appreciate it more when we were hit in the face with surprise awesome like that? We would have been shitting our pants, either metaphorically or physically. But nope, they had to show us that bit of greatness in order to make us want to see the film which we all wanted to see already ANYWAY.

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that there’s more left in the deck of cards. I’m not taking any chances though, I’m going on Iron Man 2 media black out.

  • Jason P

    It turns out that Tony Stark is actually an evil clone, which is why Whiplash is trying to kill him. At the end of the movie, the real Tony Stark shows up and takes over the company. Then he gives the Iron Man technology to the government, because they would know how to make the best use of it.

  • i don’t think those two scenes are connected. there are boats in the BG of the briefcase armor clip. but it still would have been way more of an “OH SHIT!” moment if they left the briefcase armor as a surprise for when people saw the movie.

  • @ Jason P – Haha!

    I totally agree with the article though. Either (a) let Tony get his butt handed to him for a little bit, or (b) don’t show us this in the trailer! Some things are best left for a good surprise. The suitcase armor would have definitely been one of those!

  • Agreed, Paul. The suitcase armor is cool and all, but it would have been a huge surprise seeing it in the theater first. And since we already know War Machine in in the movie, does it have any other surprises to save for the movie?

    The Predators footage is pretty safe as far as anything spoilerific goes, but I understand you not wanting to ruin anything until the actual movie comes out.

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  • Chad B

    Trailers are getting worse and worse about this stuff. I definitely geeked out over the suitcase armor, but like you said, I didn’t need any more of a reason to go see this movie, I was already going to see it, no question. Bah to trailers that I can’t help but watch…