The Internet in 1969

AT&T thought it had a view on the future with it’s spots depicting the future in the early 90s, but this video tops that in spades. Behold the future as envisioned in 1969!

Got to love the gender roles in this one. Man pays the bills and the woman does the shopping. Just as Crom intended. Actually, I’d prefer to live in a society where the woman completely supported me and I could just fuck around all day.

  • I love the disgusted look on his face as he shakes his head. “That bitch bought WHAT?”

  • Haha yeah, that is the best.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    Wife looks in on the kids while they’re playing checkers. They’re like “DAMMIT! Your mom is damn nosey. We can’t even light up the weed…”

  • I like that all of it takes up soooooooooo much space. Sure everyone of the future will have a room the size of a stadium for all this junk.

  • ha ha HA I want to live in a society where the men will do all the house stuff and i just have to go to work, look pretty and earn money ha ha..aww sweet dreams.. this video its really cool..