The Indiana Jones DVD Adventure Game

Indiana Jones DVD Adventure Board game

Like Indiana Jones escaping a trap at the last minute me and my girlfriend narrowly avoided breaking up after playing the Indiana Jones DVD Adventure Game. We are no strangers to Indiana Jones board games, but this one had it in for us with some serious anger inducing moments.

I’d like to take a second to complain about the cover of the Indiana Jones DVD Adventure game. Why is that kid so excited? It’s like he’s seeing tits for the first time. Talk about over selling this thing.

On paper this game should have been a winner. We both love Indiana Jones and the DVD Adventure Game showed a significant amount of promise:

  1. Instead of a board game, it uses tiles, like a cool nerdy game!
  2. There’s no six sided die like a normal lame game, it uses an 8 sided die!
  3. There’s not a single sign of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull anywhere on the box!
  4. The game contains cool tokens of the Grail, Sankara Stones, and the Ark.
  5. There’s some nifty Indiana Jones figure tokens.


The big negative is that it is a DVD game. I figured that the game’s fun factor would be determined by the DVD and I was right! I’ll spare you the details, but basically the clips from the movie are too long and too repetitive.

It also felt too damned hard to collect the necessary “coins” needed to complete the major sections of the game. To earn these coins you have to complete challenges and the challenges were highly repetitive. You can also run out of coins through losing challenges or getting them stolen from other players, so then you have to run around doing tons of repetitive DVD adventures to try to get them back.

Once you get the coins, you can collect the major artifacts like the Grail. When all three of these artifacts are collected, the heroes must race for the exit. We never got to that stage though. We got so pissed off by the interactive games that my girlfriend nearly tossed the tiles in frustration.

Playing an interactive game that requires timing and skill with a remote is the absolutely worst thing ever. There’s a reason why DVD players never competed with the Playstations and Xboxes of the world. In the end the only way were were able to complete the challenges needed to get the grail pieces was by doing them a bunch of times in a row, instead of actually playing the game as it was intended.


I’ve thought about re-donating the Indiana Jones DVD Adventure Game to Goodwill, but the tokens are neat enough to keep on their own. Also most of the tiles might be useful for other games like D&D, Heroquest, or Zombies!!!.

And I’m not the only one who sees some sort of potential in the Indiana Jones DVD Adventure game, dudes on Boardgame Geek tried to figure out a way to play without the disc.

  • Dex

    Ha I was going to ask if you could play it without the DVD. I almost picked this up when it came out because it looked cool.

    The Indy tokens on the box look like they’re doing some type of dance.

  • They’re whipping with no whip. Still nice enough to maybe repaint. And nope, no DVDless playing, but those homebrew games look like they might be fun, especially the one that uses Nazi dice.

  • Chris Piers

    That kid on the cover is wayyyy too excited for anything. The other guy literally has to hold him back. I don’t think I could get that excited if the real Indiana Jones popped out of my tv screen. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be floored. But I just couldn’t compete with that kid’s enthusiasm.

  • I think I’d be more frightened if real Indy came out of the screen. I can’t think of anything in my life that I’ve been that excited for.