The Hot Toys Batman Armory

Vincent   January 9, 2014   Comments Off on The Hot Toys Batman Armory


About every nerd on Earth can pretty much agree that as far as top of the line high end product goes, Hot Toys is pretty much where it’s at. Even if you don’t collect sixth scale figures, you pretty much have to recognize that their likenesses and detail is simply incredible. That holds true for the new Hot Toys Batman armory from the Chris Nolan Batman films.


This thing is fricking fantastic. Just look at all the little pieces! It’s amazing how Hot Toys can make small items seem large and realistic.

I’m not a huge fan of the Nolanverse Batman films, so it’s an easy pass for me, but I can recognize genius when I see it. I’m just praying they don’t release the 1989 Batman Batsuit vault… Anyway, what’s cool is that that’s not just a Batman suit, it’s actually a Batman figure, so you’re getting an actual figure instead of a suit.


You can also order the Batman armory with Alfred, or one with both Alfred and Bruce Wayne if you’re one of the 1% like Bruce Wayne.


If you somehow do decide to order this (or anything else from Hot Toys), how about helping support the site by ordering through my link?

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