The Hole Fills a Need

Vincent   May 3, 2010   Comments Off on The Hole Fills a Need

The Hole movie poster

The upcoming film The Hole is about a couple of kids that move into a new house and find a mysterious, bottomless hole in their basement. The film is directed by Joe Dante who also directed Gremlins. It’s nice to see that he’s back in the saddle again, because there’s a huge lack of scary as shit movies for children. Unless a kid happens to see Gremlins, how are they going to get the piss scared out of them? Sure, they could see the later Harry Potter films when they’re too young, but that’s just Harry Potter. It’s not scary enough. It’s time for a new generation to go into a film made for them and to be scared until they pee their pants. Not that it happened to me or anything… I’m just saying that this is what kids need. They need to be learned what it’s like to be called Pee pants up until and through college.