The HeroQuest Minis

Vincent   December 2, 2013   2 Comments on The HeroQuest Minis

The new HeroQuest Kickstarter got me thinking a lot about HeroQuest and since I’ve been super nostalgic I decided to open up some old boxes. One of the things I came across were my HeroQuest minis that I decided to paint. I’m not posting this because I think I’m great by any means, I just thought it would be fun to share. I think I’m semi-passible in the world of painting minis and I find it enjoyable. I’d like to get better at it if I ever have the time. Anyway, here’s the HeroQuest miniatures:


These are our four heroes. The Wizard was painted to look like the dude on the box art. I’d say he’s not that bad. The Barbarian? Ehhh…. he needs a redo. Probably one of the first figures of the bunch I painted. Elf looks okay, but appears to be wearing mascara. Dwarf is cool, but some of his beard paint wore off or something.


One of the most frequently encountered monsters in Heroquest is the Goblin. Here’s a variaty of them. You can tell that I started getting bored of them when I busted out yellow pants on one. I always liked how they had two types of weapons.


Next we have Orcs, another staple of the fantasy genre. Again, orange shirt = tired of painting the same thing over and over.


The final entry in our regular monster catagory is the Fimir. I never really liked these guys and it’s obvious, I barely tried on the painting.


The Zombie was a cool enemy to fight. A dude with a Jesse Venture now haircut and a hatchet. Scary! I had fun messing with these. The results weren’t always the best, but they were fun to paint.


I did not know what to do with the Skeleton, perhaps one of my favorite enemies in the game. I didn’t figure out until I did a few of them that you can do a wash on them. You might be wondering what’s with that middle Skeleton. He comes from a game called Dark World which had some great miniatures. I bought a copy of the game soley to use the parts for Heroquest. I never played it.


Here’s the Mummy. I like the Mummy and even though they’re basically white, it was fun figuring out how to make them stand out a little.


Now for my favorite of the regular enemies, the Chaos Knights! These guys just look so bad ass. I didn’t know how to paint them at first, so I ended up with all black or all silver. Then I realized there was more fun to be had with the armor.


Oh it’s the Witch Lord! This evil undead magical bad ass is one of my favorite figures. I think I did a pretty okay job with him.

The only miniature I’m missing out of the original box is the gargoyle and since he was used so rarely he was on the bottom of the list. But we’re not done yet! Here’s some extra stuff that I added to the game!


What are these chunks of plastic you ask? Blobs! I came up with stats for a blob like creature. I love the blob, so when I saw little chunks of plastic I immediately thought blob.


Here we have some Skaven from Warhammer. They’re a great addition to Heroquest and I spend a good amount of time on these dudes.


Finally, we have some extra heroes. The two sword dude is if you need a good guy NPC or are sick of the regular elf. The ladies are for if a lady joins the game and wants to play as a lady. Hey, it can happen! In fact I’ve played Heroquest with a few ladies, which is a fact if you had told my 13 year old self I’d have never believed you.

  • lestodante .

    where is the blonde lady coming from? Citadel? Ral Partha? Grenadier?

  • I honestly don’t remember. I bought her in 2000, maybe 1999. That was a long time ago. Sigh.