The Green Lantern in a B Movie


The above is the official trailer to the upcoming Green Lantern flick staring Ryan Reynolds has probably been seen by every nerd on the planet by now, but if you haven’t seen it yet you’re welcome. The reason why I’m posting it here (aside as a fast way to update and cash in on the tons of people looking for anything Green Lantern and Ryan Reynolds related) is that I thought that I’d throw down my two cents.

I realize that there’s probably a lot of you that have lost your shit over this thing, but I didn’t think it’s that bad. Back on one of the podcasts a listener had asked what I thought of Reynolds as a Green Lantern. Out of a total guess I had said that they were probably trying to make a fun action adventure thing as opposed to a super dark film like The Dark Knight and that’s just what Green Lantern looks like it’s going to be. A big dumb movie. It’s almost like Fantastic Four, but not quite as over the top.

I’m actually surprised that you even get to see some of the space stuff, so it’s good to know that they’re at least trying a little here. Will it be the best comic book movie ever? No. Will it be possibly be fun? Yeah, especially if you can let yourself not go into automatic (and face it, embarrassing) nerd rage.

And if it sucks, big deal. It’s insane that Green Lantern even got to be a big budget movie in the first place.

  • First time I saw this, was too lazy to click the other 900 links people posted up. It’s basically the Iron Man movie formula, but applied to Green Lantern… Which really doesn’t fit but might make for a fun movie. All the CGI looks like turds in the YouTube clip, so I hope it’s better on the screen.

  • “It’s insane that Green Lantern even got to be a big budget movie in the first place.” – I was thinking the same thing. We should be glad it was even made.

    It’s funny how the fan made trailer looks better.

  • PrfktTear

    I’ll go see it whenever it comes out. It helps that I’ve never really read comic books, therefore I have nothing to compare it to. The only reason I really know Green Lantern is from the DCAU. I’d love to see this as sort of a Star Wars meets Iron Man type thing.