The Greatest Transformer/G.I. Joe Toy of All Time

An extremely talented toy customizer by the handle of Dr. Vile on Hisstank has finally done it. He’s created the greatest toy combinations of all time. While some are mearly content to make a transforming Cobra Hiss Tank from G.I. Joe, Dr. Vile goes several steps further by creating a giant ass combiner robot that has individually transforming Cobra vehicles. Behold!


More pics after the jump!


This is one of the Cobra Stingers.

And Vamp transformed. So awesome.

And Stinger transformed. So awesome.

Here's one of the Hiss Tanks. Damn, it's a fine looking robot.

Here's one of the Hiss tanks. Damn, it's a fine looking robot.

As sweet as this is, the picky nerd in me wants that screw painted black.

As sweet as this is, the picky nerd in me wants that screw painted black.

So amazingly boss. This totally gets the Awesome Stamp:


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  • That’s not a Vamp. The Joes, specifically Clutch, drove the Vamp. That’s a Cobra Stinger.

  • Vincent

    Oh snap! Well, I guess I better change that. I got them mixed up. And I didn’t know you were a G.I. Joe fan.

  • lauratheho

    This looks cool and the best part of it is that its classic inspired towards Generation 1 TFs and not Michael Gay.

  • Vincent

    Haha Gay. Like he’s gay. SNAP!

  • I’m not these days but there was a time in grade school and middle school that I was. I liked the Marvel comic by Larry Hama.

  • This just reminded me that I have hundreds of Joes up in my attic. Like, several hundred. I should find a Goodwill!

  • Vincent

    I sent you an email on the topic, Chris.

  • Matty

    Oh, man. Vincent just got a boner.

  • Vincent

    2 boners.

  • Kinda cool.

  • 2 snaps up in a circle!

  • Holy god how have I not stumbled upon this until now. Amazing.

  • I don’t know! Glad I could help.