The Governator is a Relic

I’ve been on record saying that I’m a much bigger Schwarzenegger fan than most people and even I have been worried a bit about what he was going to do after he finished being Governor of California. As far as questionable moves go, he’s already opened up with The Governator, a cartoon that either should be: A. An April Fool’s Day joke or B. A failed cartoon from 1992. Unfortunately, it appears to be neither of those options.

Who is this geared for? Adults? I’m sorry, as much as I love Schwarzenegger I have no desire to see him in a rip off of Iron Man. It can’t be geared for kids. As much as I’m loathed to admit this, I’m sure there’s a lot of kids who don’t know the greatness of Schwarzenegger the movie star.

Maybe I’m just letting my nerd hate get me too rilled up. Maybe I should just grab a beer and pretend it’s the early 90s.

  • IF they put tongue in cheek and went over the top and were intentionally funny, I’d say this would work great.

  • It’s like Pro Stars, but way way shittier. And Pro Stars was a steaming pile of elephant shit in terms of 90’s animation.

  • clark

    This could be really funny, but most of these “Stan Lee Present’s” animated stuff sucks monkey balls. I’m sure they’ll try and make it funny, but probably fail. I’ll hope for the best, but if it ends up being terrible I’ll have to watch Predator and Commando back-to-back to recalibrate my Schwarzenegger opinion to “cool.”