Robot’s Pajama Party: Gaming Bonisode Episode 1

Vincent   April 25, 2011   Comments Off on Robot’s Pajama Party: Gaming Bonisode Episode 1

Vincent gathers a couple of friends and they review the Steve Jackson Games starship expansion pack for Star Munchkins, try to give newbs an idea of how a Role Playing Game works, and then talk a little about Dungeons and Dragons. This episode is the first one to feature a girl on mic (though briefly), so check it out!

Contest:  Oh yeah, and there’s a contest announcement. If you want to win a set of Munchkin’s bookmarks, leave a comment below detailing with one of the three options. 1. Why you like Munchkin games. 2. Your favorite pen and paper RPG adventure. 3. Why you’d want to win one of these things even if you’ve never played Munchkins or pen and paper RPGs before.

Topics Discussed:  Steve Jackson’s Munchkins, Pen and Paper Role Playing Games

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