The Four Color Bleed Kickstarter

Guest Poster   May 31, 2016   Comments Off on The Four Color Bleed Kickstarter

Vincent here. I’ve been Twitter pals with Ryan McSwain for awhile and when mentioned to me that he had a new Kickstarter I figured I’d let him tell you about it himself, since he’s written for the site before. Ryan McSwain is the author of the horror-thriller, Monsters All the Way Down and the upcoming Four Color Bleed. Take it away, Ryan!


The gang at the Robot’s Pajamas invited me to tell you a bit about my new book, Four Color Bleed, now on Kickstarter. One of the benefits of being an indie author is I can do more than one thing. Monsters All the Way Down was a scary book, full of Lovecraftian undertones. It got great reviews and gave plenty of people nightmares, but with my second book I wanted to go in another direction.

Four Color Bleed is fun. Exciting. Hopeful. It’s about friendship, and nostalgia, and good guys punching bad guys in the face. I took everything I loved about long underwear comics and crammed it into one far-reaching story.

Superhero novels usually lack two things: Scope and consequences. If you’re writing a licensed book for one of the big companies, it’s not like you can kill off a trademark. And most writers choose to keep their stories smaller in scale. But in Four Color Bleed, it’s like reading a huge cosmic crossover—only you don’t have to chase down all the tie-in issues.

The book is written and ready for my editor. I’ve already got a great cover by Rory Harnden and Adam Prosser. The main reason I’m running the Kickstarter is to pay for artists to illustrate the original characters of Four Color Bleed.


I’ve handpicked Rian Gonzales, Weshoyot Alvitre, Ben Zmith, Morgan Perry (aka Geauxta), Ben Cohen, Kevin Kelly, Adam Prosser, and Chris “Chance!” Brown. Their images will accompany fictional encyclopedia entries, in the style of the old Who’s Who series. Editing will be by Jonathan Baker, formerly of W.W. Norton, and layout will be by Phillip Gessert, creator of the Botanical Frankenstein.

So if you’ve ever argued about which movies are so bad they’re good, wished you collected Mego action figures, or wondered what it would be like to fly into space, this novel is for you. If you’ve loved comic books for decades, or if you just jumped onboard with one of the Captain America sequels, this book has your name on it. Or, rather, if you support the Kickstarter, this book will have your name in the back of it.

Please check out our campaign. Here’s the video. It’s worth it just for the eyeball.