The Flash Season Two Predictions

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Season Two of The Flash premieres October 6, and let me tell you, I could not be more excited. Season One had only a few small bumps, but was otherwise a perfect mix of action, drama and fun. Nonetheless, the finale definitely left us a bunch of unanswered questions, and the announcements since then have only muddied the water further. Given the level of attention I paid to that finale, it’s of course no surprise that I’ve come up with a set of predictions for the next season! Fair warning, there are SPOILERS for Season One ahead…if you want to avoid them, STOP READING NOW!

Still with us? All right. ONWARD:

The Real Harrison Wells shows up

At the end of season one, Eddie Thawne committed suicide, thus negating the existence of Eobard Thawne. Because Eobard never existed, he could never have killed Harrison Wells (I went into this in pretty specific detail here). Naturally, a newly Never-Been-Killed Harrison Wells is probably going to want to drop by his Star Labs digs. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it’s Wells we see Team Flash reacting to here:

flash season two predictions 1

Iris gets much more interesting

Fine tuning Iris was an ongoing process throughout season one. She got a lot of undeserved hate from fans for her role, being the person of interest at the heart of a love triangle, plus basically oscillating between damsel-in-distress and Lecture McRanterson. It’s not Iris’ fault, though! She occupied basically the same roles Laurel and Thea did in the first two seasons of Arrow, only she occupied them both herself, and without the terrible life decisions that both of those characters made. Basically, Iris is cool, and now that she knows Flash’s secret, she’ll be a lot cooler throughout season 2.

Flash goes to the future (like, the fuuuuture future)

It stands to reason that if Eobard Thawne can travel back from the future, then Barry Allen can travel forward. Before Season One, I didn’t think they’d be able to get the budget for it, but the Gorilla Grodd episode has definitely gone a long way toward changing my mind, and the overall success of the first season is probably going to help, too. Still, it’s a fifty/fifty shot.

Current Barry and Future Barry will meet

I’ll eat my hat if there’s not a Tale of Two Barrys in Season Two.

flash season two predictions 2

Note: I will not actually eat my hat. I like my hat and I want to keep it.

Roles of Jay Garrick and Max Mercury will merge

Throughout the 90s, The Flash in the comics had an old speedster along, mentoring him and guiding him at every turn. It was a really great dynamic that did a lot to inform season one of the show; young, impetuous and inexperienced superhero, taking advice from and occasionally clashing with more experienced older compatriot. The twist? That Flash was Wally West, and his aging mentor was Max Mercury!

Given that The Flash TV show spent Season One setting up that dynamic with Barry and Wells, only for Wells to be revealed as a villain, I’m confident that Season Two will slot Jay Garrick firmly into that mentor role, borrowing even more from the old West/Mercury dynamic.

This will not stop them from introducing Max Mercury as well!

This one’s half a cheat–I don’t necessarily think they’ll introduce Max in Season Two, but I do think they’ll stick him into the show at some point in the future–likely as a short guest appearance or cameo. Max and Jay are too redundant for both to be around for long. One’ll have to go.

Jesse Quick does not become a speedster until at least Season 3, if at all

This one’s pure conjecture–it was recently announced that Jesse Quick had been cast for Season Two. Given that they’ve already announced Jay Garrick and Wally West, my prediction is that Jesse Quick will either remain a civilian for the duration of Season Two, to eventually become a speedster in Season Three, or that she will not become a speedster at all, in favor of becoming Liberty Belle instead.

I think the speedster option is more likely–shows like The Flash don’t run on subtlety, and there’s no way they’ll have a character named Quick who doesn’t become quick.

This is, of course, assuming that she’s not simply a one or two episode guest star.

Wally West will become a speedster in Season 2

Wally will definitely become Kid Flash, and it will definitely be in a repeat of the way it happens to Barry, because the entire joke about Wally’s origin is that lighting never strikes the same place twice. Wally will definitely also HATE the name Kid Flash, which will first fall from Cisco’s lips.

flash season two predictions 3

He’ll also provide an important counterpoint–with a season under his belt, Barry is no longer the Newbie Flash, so they’ll need someone to fill that role. Barry will now be the difference between Wally and Jay, forming a speedster triangle to replace the love triangle eliminated with the loss of Eddie. Which reminds me…

Eddie will definitely come back to life

No bet. If Sara Lance gets to come back to life twice, Eddie gets at least once. Time hijinks! Of course, he won’t come back until after Iris and Barry hook up, causing the event known as LOVE TRIANGLE 2: THE ANGST WARS.

flash season two predictions 4

Today’s post was written by guest writer Pete Pfau. Pete is a writer and collector and you can follow his musings on his twitter.