The Fabulous World of Batman ’89 Merch

Batman Cereal

I’ve once again rekindled my romance for the 1989 Batman film. At the start of it all was a preview magazine, then it just spiraled out of control with comics, toys, trading cards, and even play acting scenes from the film with another nerdy kid that summer. Hell, one of the greatest birthday presents I got was the VHS tape that just happened to be released on my birthday and man, did I wear that sucker out. My Batman love faded over time, but I still love that ’89 film. The following commercials pretty much helped fuel the raging fire that was my obsession with Batman for a brief time.


Batman cereal was like crack for me. I got every single promotion that they had to offer, including a cool glow-in-the-dark Frisbee. I don’t remember it tasting particularly good, though.

In the recent past I managed to pick up a sealed box of Batman cereal. My nostalgia addiction knows no bounds!

Taco Bell gets in on the Bat-action

Another part of my Batman obsession was the promotion at Taco Bell that had free cheapy cups that you could take home and cherish forever, like I did. If I remember correctly, they launched their cinnamon twists at the same time, so it made for a super memorable and delicious time getting the cups.

Batman Needs Diet Coke

What I love about this commercial is that Batman’s man-servant Alfred calls the store ahead of time for Diet Coke. Now that’s rich! I wasn’t a big Diet Coke drinker at the time, what with thinking that Diet sodas were yucky junk for dopes, but I didn’t mind seeing these commercials which seemed to be in constant rotation.

  • My dad took me to see Batman on opening weekend. I’ll forever remember that upon entry to the theater, ushers were handing out little catalogs featuring merchandise for the movies. Immediately after the movie, my dad took me out and bought me the Batmobile and that Batman with the zip line belt. I played with those toys for the next 5 years, they were phenomenal.

  • The Batman cereal was pretty darn good. I remember eating that stuff up… literally. If I remember correctly they had those Batman banks shrinkwrapped to the front of the box… or did you have to mail away for those? I love marketing to kids with food… the Nintendo cereal was another breakfast favorite of mine, second only to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pies.

    One thing I wanted more than life itself, oddly enough was a magazine. It was all about the movie and Batman in general and had pictures, behind the scenes info, etc. I wanted that so hard, but my mum wouldn’t spring for it. And thus I grew up to be a sociopath, albeit a highly functional one.

    Boy did I love those Diet Coke commercials! =)

  • Vincent

    Yeah, that’s the magazine that I had. It really put me over the edge for wanting to see the movie.

  • Bill Hiers

    The cereal also eventually came with a little Batmobile packed inside the box. I still have it.

  • I think I got that.