The Dream Team: Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy

What happened when Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson decided to collaborate on a song? It was just as magical as you could have possibly imagined, even more so. They came up with something so beautiful that unicorns cry rainbow tears at the very thought of the song. Seriously, this doesn’t look like a homemade piece of crap that went viral like “Chocolate Rain” or anything by Mark Gormley. And these two huge stars weren’t in the twilight days of their relevancy.

Oh yeah, you caught me! It’s opposite day!

Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson

  • I was worried for a moment…

  • PrfktTear

    Aaah… the ’80s — the days when musicians and comedians would pair up for no apparent reason at all whatsoever. For instance, Paul Simon and Chevy Chase in “You Can Call Me Al”.

  • Matty

    The best rape defense is “I thought it was opposite day”.