The Coolest Jungle Gym in the Galaxy


I know this one has already made the rounds, but I was so amazed by it that I had to share it here again. This jungle gym is inspired by Return of the Jedi in that it’s got a friggen speeder bike for a swing. Other nice touches are the “computer” and the futuristic styling of the set. Hell, the electronic sounds from the movie are just icing on the cake.

I would have killed for one of these sets when I was a kid. In fact, I’d probably kill for one right now. It would be a lot better than the swing set that nearly cut my thumb off, but I guess that was my fault and not the swing sets. Lesson learned: Don’t stick your fingers in moving machinery.

  • ur dad

    The truly amazing part was one week later I caught you demonstrating to your cousin how you almost cut off your thumb. Imagine my surprise to see two five 1/2 year olds standing on the slide and demostrating how he did it. I really did yell at you that time….