The Cartoon Where Cute Animals Kill Each Other

Surprise, Surprise! The Japanese have created another horrible thing! This time it’s a teaser trailer for an CGI animated series that is looking for funding to get off the ground. It features a realistic look at war. A war where all the soldiers are cute animals. It’s fucking crazy:

As horrible as this is, it’s pretty damned compelling and I’d probably watch this. It kind of reminds me how the graphic novel Maus used animals, but handled much more clumisly.

Also, Cat Shit One? Did they just pick random English words when they created this show?

Thanks to: Topless Robot

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  • Spammer Spamerton

    What the hell. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The point being?? What age is this directed at in wonder.

  • Zashkaser

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    Wow! Very entertaining and well done video. I particularly like “Packy” who is getting ready to use the Stinger at the end. Those rabbits are doing some serious hell-raising ;-)

  • crazy people, those japanese :-)

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