The Best Stuff from Toy Fair 2015

Toy Fair Javits Center

Entrance to Toy Fair 2015 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.

Toy Fair went down in New York this past week. As usual, no actual kids were allowed. This was toy manufacturers’ chance to show off what’s ahead for them. Stuff that looks to be popular this year? Dinosaurs, more stuff from Frozen, customizable toys, and awkward attempts to shoehorn technology in. For instance, there’s a Barbie that listens to what your kids say and responds. The Barbie is wifi and stores what your kid talks about in the cloud so that Mattel can update her phrases. It sounds ripe for hackers to get into so that they can listen to a family’s home. Or there’s the return of the Viewmaster, but instead of the cardboard discs with photos, you slide a smartphone in. Anyway, there was some cool stuff and we’ll share it below.

obi wan hot toys

Hot Toys has a new Star Wars figure, featuring this super-realistic Obi Wan Kenobi.

ant man hasbro

Hasbro has this fine looking Ant-Man (and big ant!).

ant man lego

Love the screw for scale. Lego Ant-Man seems to have 2 versions.

tmnt minimates nickelodeon

Minimates has new Ninja Turtles based on the Nickelodeon show, with swappable heads.

winston diamond select

Diamond Select is releasing realistic-looking Ghostbusters action figures like this Winston.

worf diamond select

Diamond Select is making Worf. Good sculpt but not the best detail with paint.

tmnt minimates

Ninja Turtles Minimates based on the original comic books.

ghostbusters diamond select

Ray Stanz by Diamond Select.

ultimate tie fighter lego

A TIE Fighter for Lego’s Ultimate Collector’s series (lots of bricks).

Halo Needle Nerf

Nerf made a gun based on the needler that some aliens use in the Halo games.

hot toys delorean

The Delorean from Back to the Future by Hot Toys runs over $300 and can fit their 1/6 scale figures.

constructicons toy fair

Hasbro will have a line for Transformers called Combiner Wars featuring their combiner teams. The Constructicons set runs about $150.

walking dead RV toy fair

McFarlane Toys will continue to release Walking Dead brick sets including Dale’s RV.

walking dead toy fair

If you buy 4 of the Tower sets, you could build this (would cost you about $240).

DC Dorbz

Funko will release a new vinyl line called Dorbz. Here are their DC figures.

Marvel Dorbz

Funko will release a new vinyl line called Dorbz. Here are their Marvel figures.

avengers tower lego

Lego Avengers Tower features several Ultron drones.

star wars death star throne lego

Lego will have a Star Wars playset based on the Death Star throne room seen in Return of the Jedi.

star wars skyhopper lego

A Lego Skyhopper, unseen in the original versions of the film but mentioned by Luke as what he used to drive around back home.

neca movie line

NECA has plans for a quarter-scale movie line featuring horror icons, action heroes like Terminator, sci-fi classics like Planet of the Apes and movie versions of the original Superman and 80s/90s Batman.

neca rambo

NECA has had huge success with their “cel shaded” versions of figures based on 8-bit videogames. They have plans for Rambo, Godzilla, Predator and more.

Game of Thrones Dark Horse statues

Dark Horse will release statues based on HBO’s version of Game of Thrones.