The Best Sci-Fi Sketches from 11 Sketch Comedy Shows

Chris Piers   February 16, 2016   Comments Off on The Best Sci-Fi Sketches from 11 Sketch Comedy Shows

human giant aliens

Just for the hell of it, we’ve assembled sci-fi themed sketches from all sorts of great sketch comedy shows. From Monty Python to Channel101. The State to Mr. Show. Key & Peele to SNL. Lots of aliens and lasers. Enjoy. Let us know a classic that you would have included.

The State (MTV, 1993-1995): The Bearded Men of Space Station 11

SNL (NBC, 1975-present): Laser Cats

Monty Python (BBC, 1969-1974): Sci-Fi Show

Honorable mention to this moment from their movie Life of Brian.

The Ben Stiller Show (Fox, 1992-1993): Meeting James Doohan

Mr. Show (HBO, 1995-1998): Racist in the Year 3000

Human Giant (MTV, 2007-2008): Sci-Fi Makeup

Upright Citizen’s Brigade (Comedy Central, 1998-2000): Technology

SCTV (Global, CBC, NBC, 1976-1984): Sci-Fi Theater/Galaxy 66

The Kids in the Hall (CBC, HBO, 1989-1994): Anal Probing Aliens

Key & Peele (Comedy Central, 2012-2015): Alien Imposters

Channel101 (, 2003-present): Laser Fart