The “Best” Genre Films of Lesser Known Celebrity Siblings

Joey Travolta

There are plenty of celebrities who have famous siblings. Ben and Casey Affleck, Bill and Brian Doyle Murray. Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty. And then there’s the siblings who realized their brother or sister is famous so they figure, “eh, I kinda look like them so I’ll give this acting thing a shot.” But equal genetic material doesn’t automatically mean equal talent. So sometimes you end up finding a genre movie where the actor almost-but-not-quite looks familiar. Here’s a list of our favorite off-brand actors in their best genre movie.

Aaron Norris

aaron norris

Aaron Norris is the younger brother of Chuck Norris. After serving in Vietnam, Aaron came home and decided to be an extra in a few movies, sometimes in his brother’s movies. He’s not as much of a karate expert as his brother and kind of looks like a Chuck Norris made out of uncooked cookie dough. He directed a few action movies that his brother was in and in 1996 he had is single lead role in the movie Overkill. He plays a cop that’s, no joke, named Jack Hazard. He goes on vacation but a businessman decides to hunt him in the jungle. Fun note: In 1990, Chuck Norris invented his own martial art called Chun Kuk Do. Aaron is a 9th degree blackbelt in it!

Neil Connery

Neil Connery is the younger brother of Sean Connery. He doesn’t have too many credits to his name but he went ahead and tried to bite off his brother’s success as James Bond by starring in a parody movie called O.K. Connery in 1967, at the height of his brother’s fame. Kind of a dick move. An Italian film producer read an article about Neil losing his tools as a plasterer and decided he’d be perfect in a story about how the world’s best spy isn’t available so his younger brother is hired. Neil plays a character called DOCTOR Neil Connery. It also starred a handful of regulars from the James Bond series, apparently not worried about losing their jobs. It’s a crap spy movie and the audio was apparently recorded separately so it never syncs up right. So now, let’s all watch the entire movie. No one cares about the rights to this dud, so it’s available on YouTube for free.

Frank Stallone

A lot of people know about Frank Stallone because his brother Sylvester has given him a fair amount of work making soundtrack songs for his movies. But Frank has also tried his hand at acting a bunch. Pretty much all low-budget action movies. Including the Roller Blade Seven trilogy. The what? Yeah, there’s a super low-budget trilogy that came out in 1991-1993 about martial artists in a futuristic world where almost everyone uses skateboards or rollerskates to get around. It features Frank Stallone as a henchman called the Black Knight. I’d like to list the second movie, The Legend of the Roller Blade Seven, for his best movie because it’s so sad. Basically, the director made two movies but another producer took the footage from both and quickly edited a whole other movie that was released between the other two. But instead, I’ll show you the trailer for the “real” sequel, Return of the Roller Blade Seven.

Joe Estevez

joe estevez

When it comes to the Estevez family, it would be easy to use Ramon or Renee, brother and sister to Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. But they have done decent work. It’s much more fun to look at the resume of Joe Estevez, Martin Sheen’s brother. He’s become a near lookalike but does not have Martin’s talent. Joe’s been in the Roller Blade Seven trilogy as an evil priest named Saint O’ffender as well as low-budget horror movies like Hell Comes to Frogtown III, Max Hell Frog Warrior, and Horrorween. By the way, the Roller Blade Seven movies and the Frogtown movies are by the same producer. He likes using celeb siblings for some reason. Anyway, above is a scene from a movie Joe was in, Rollergator.

Vanessa Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a massive superstar. So in 2006 her older sister Vanessa decided to give the whole acting thing a whirl. She’s acted exclusively in low budget horror and sci-fi films including Shark in Venice, the trailer of which can be seen above. The plot of the movie is about a shark in Venice. It’s also about treasure hunting, apparently. Extra points for starring another lesser-known sibling, Alec Baldwin’s super-religious bro, Stephen.

Brett Harrelson

Woody Harrelson’s younger brother, Brett, has bounced around a lot. He dropped out of high school to join the Army and did that for 2 years, then came home to Ohio to work as a legal clerk. He quickly gave that up in the mid 80s to follow his brother out to Hollywood but couldn’t really find any work. So he became a motorcycle racer. But after a while of doing that, he decided to be Woody’s assistant and kinda/sorta persue acting again. He has a handful of smaller supporting roles from 1996 to today. One of his more prominent ones was a main supporting role in the direct-to-video sequel From Dusk 2 Dawn 2. This is a big step up from most of the people here who star in movies that are direct-to-dump. Brett is part of Robert Patrick’s gang and they are the only 2 to not immediately be ambushed and turned into vampires so he actually appears all the way up through the final act.

Joey Travolta

John Travolta’s younger brother (though he sure doesn’t look it) had a handful of tiny roles in the early 90s and then directed some low-budget stuff in the later 90s. A pretty solid example of the work he did was the 1993 “movie” Beach Babes from Beyond. It also starred Joe Estevez and Don Swayze (Patrick’s brother). It’s about some aliens (who looks human) who steal a T-Bird spaceship and visit Earth, then help an old man keep his beach house by participating in a bikini contest. Joey played the part of Dr. Veg. If you want to convince an actor’s sibling to do a movie, tell them they get to be a doctor.

Dedee Pfeiffer

Dedee is the younger sister of Michelle Pfeiffer and I’ll give Dedee this: she’s kept busy as an actress since 1985 through today. Her first role was a hooker in Into the Night and from there she quickly ended up in low-budget sci-fi and horror movies. She’s a staple of the direct-to-video movies that rip off whatever is popular at the time. An ideal example is Alien vs Hunter. It came out in 2007 at roughly the same time as Alien vs Predator 2. Dedee plays Hilary, a person at a diner that bumps into William Katt (Greatest American Hero), the “star” of this movie who plays a journalist that sees the aliens but no one believes him. It holds an imdb rating of 1.5 out of 10 stars, and pops in and out of their bottom 100 list. Enjoy the above scene where Dedee shows up about a minute in to battle the titular alien in the director’s backyard.

Eric Douglas

Eric Douglas was the younger half-brother of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas and the son of Kirk Douglas. He appeared in a handful of movie roles, mostly small supporting roles in his dad’s movies. He also tried his hand at stand-up comedy but his most remembered moment was a joke from the audience. The crowd was rowdy and Eric shouted at them, “You can’t do this to me! I’m Kirk Douglas’ son!” Then an audience member stood up and said, “No, I’m Kirk Douglas’ son!” followed by several more people, referring to Kirk’s famous scene in Spartacus. One of Eric’s roles on his own terms was Sam in Delta Force 3: The Killing Game. That was the Delta Force movie that instead of starring Chuck Norris, starred his son, Mike. The Delta Force goes to a fictional Middle Eastern country and kills a terrorist. America!

Mia Tyler

Mia Tyler is the sister of actress Liv Tyler and daughter to Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. She’s best known either as a plus-sized model or the person who was briefly married to the drummer from Papa Roach. But she had a few small acting roles, too. Not a lot.  Her most recent movie role was in 2010. She played Cheese Grater Face in The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol.