The Best Female Character in Sci-Fi & Fantasy: ROUND 3

Chris Piers   January 5, 2015   Comments Off on The Best Female Character in Sci-Fi & Fantasy: ROUND 3

Brackets for round 3 voting of best female character in sci-fi

That was amazing. We let Round 2 go through the holidays because many of the battles were just too close to call within a week. But now the leaders have definitively moved forward to claim their win. We are down to our Final Four. Ripley vs. Xena. Arya Stark vs. Sarah Connor. We expect more passion and arguments for who deserves the title of Best Female Character. In one week, we’ll move into our final voting round. Let’s do this!

Match 1:  Ellen Ripley and Xena

The biggest victory in the last round of voting was Ripley over Hermione. Honestly, that’s a bit of a surprise in one sense. The Alien franchise has pulled in about $516 million. That includes the 4 Alien movies, 2 Vs. Predator films and Prometheus. But Harry Potter has brought in $2.3 BILLION. Now, obviously those are different fanbases and we probably skew older here on the site. But Hermione also had the advantage of being fresher in people’s minds because the last time Ripley appeared on film was back in 1997. And she still handily won her bracket. Can anything stop Ripley?

Ellen Ripley

Another potentially surprising upset was Xena over Storm. Storm has been around longer and has appeared in 4 hugely successful X-Men films. Yet Xena, a syndicated show from the 90s triumphed. Why? Only our voters can explain this one to us and we’re legitimately curious. Is it her attitude? Her character progression? Does she have what it takes to do yet another upset and beat Ripley?


Match 2: Arya Stark and Sarah Connor

Arya vs Scully was pretty close. But how can you not root for this kid? She has everything taken from her. Family, identity. Everything. And she survives. It’s pretty amazing. Scully might have done better if X-Files only went 5 to 6 seasons, if we’re being honest. Her character had to go through some inorganic changes to adapt to a show without Mulder and it meant her character arc wasn’t as clear. Maybe if we check back in 10 years that could happen to Arya, since her story isn’t finished. But for now, she’s exciting and she’s going up against Sarah Connor.

Arya Stark

Sarah Connor vs Princess Leia was the closest matchup but Sarah pulled ahead. Sarah Connor as portrayed by Linda Hamilton is pretty damn iconic. But we’re talking character, not necessarily just movies. And Lena Headey provided us with 2 seasons worth of a very complex take on Sarah Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That Sarah had to actually raise her son. To confront a coming future apocalypse every damn day. To deal with the possibility of cancer. It stradled the divide between the Sarah of Terminator 1 and 2 (who are very different characters) in a very convincing and real way.

sarah connor

Thanks to everyone for participating and helping us with this difficult determination!