The Battle for Los Angeles

I haven’t been keeping up to date on geek related movies as I should have, so I was pretty surprised at how awesome The Battle for Los Angeles looked when I first saw the trailer. The above trailer is a bit of a tease, though it does show some great shots. The newest trailer (which you can find here) features a lot more dialogue. If you like going into a movie blind, you might want to skip it. For those of you who are into this sort of thing and aren’t convinced yet, give it a spin.

I’m hoping that this movie will be more along of what I imagined Independence Day (or ID4 as it’s known) was going to be, before I saw it and had all my hopes and dreams crushed. That’s right folks, the horribleness of Independence Day is why I’m the hollow shell of a man you see before you.

  • You didn’t like ID4? ZOMG!!! It certainly could have been the greatest film of all time, but it fell short a few feet. I’m not sure if it was wise crackin’ Fresh Prince, Randy Quaid lookin’ for some damn bait, Bill Pullman trying to act Presidential, or Data with long hair. Still, I have a fond memory of it, but I haven’t tried watching it in the last five years or so, so it might not live up to my memories.

    Battle for Los Angeles looks like it could be really good though!

    I generally like to go into movies blind. I’ll watch a trailer, occasionally checking into it if it really piques my attention, but otherwise I like going in knowing next to nothing. I used to spend a decent chunk of time scouring the internets for the latest movie news, rumours, and reviews. However then I decided I didn’t care anymore and that if there was something that needed to be brought to my attention any one of a number of sites I frequent would be posting about it.

    Why pine about a movie that hasn’t even been greenlit yet? Heck, there are some movies I won’t believe they’re making until the blu-ray has already been released and its airing on a Saturday afternoon on broadcast tv.

  • lamartherevenger

    With The Battle of LA, you have that humanizing quality of it. You didn’t feel that with ID4. ID4 felt hookie.. Good for it’s time, but hookie. Battle of LA looks like “oh ship, we’re fudged.”