The Batman 1989 Shelf


Hey everyone, it’s time to show off some of my stuff and be a nerdy bragger, because I can! As obsessed with 1989 live action Batman film as I am, I’m really suprised I didn’t think of making a Batman 1989 themed display until fairly recently! Well, I looked around for what I had and cobbled together the above shelf.

And yes, are Batman Returns items, but that stuff slide based on the fact that it was from the same director, Keaton was Batman again, and the visual style carriers over. Plus, the Batmobile stayed the same, which was more than I could have hoped for when I was a kid. Oh yeah, and Catwoman in that film is flipping hot.

In case you’re wondering what’s all here:

  • (3) Taco Bell Cups: Batman, Batwing, Batmobile
  • (2) McDonald’s Batman Returns Cups: Catwoman, Batman
  • Batman Frisbie: Glow in the dark, Batman cereal promo
  • Batman Trading Cards: Both series, complete sets
  • Hotwheels Batmobile, special collectible one
  • Hotwheels Batmobile, more of a standard one
  • Batman Cereal: Sealed with Plastic Bank
  • Batman: Hardcover book on the ’89 movie
  • (2) McDonald’s Batman Return Fry Boxes: Catwoman and Penguin
  • DC Universe Classics Wal-Mart Exclusive Batman
  • Batman ’89 on VHS: Same one I had as a kid
  • (2) Magazines with Batman Returns cover logos
  • (1) Comic book with ad on back featuring Keaton as Batman from Batman Returns
  • McDonald’s Batmobile Happy Meal toy from Batman Returns
  • Plastic coffee cup purchased during the ’89 Batman craze

I’m also planning to add the following items once I find them again:

  • Taco Bell Cinnamon Twist Package: Has Batman logo  on it
  • Toybiz Batman figure, maybe Joker if I run across one at a flea market
  • Ben Rollier

    That is one killer shelf. I have at least half of these items too.

  • Thanks! And awesome! Share a pic of them sometime!