The BatKart

Vincent   August 14, 2009   5 Comments on The BatKart

Sure Batman has a car, a jet, a helicopter, and motorcycle, and a boat to cover almost any kind of criminal chase, but what happens when the Joker is on a Go-Kart track? Well, one industrius fellow made himself a Batmobile Go-Kart.


Clearly, this man is thinking ahead of the curve. He’s selling the plans for the Batcart on eBay, so you too can own one yourself. That is if you own a spare snowmobile and are good with mechanics. If you are that person, I think this would be a totally worthwhile project. If the Kart is anything like the Tumbler in the Batman movie and I can imagine plenty of crushed children underneath it’s wheels of destruction. I can’t think of anything that I enjoy more than crushing children in the name of justice.

Hit the link on eBay for videos of the BatKart.

  • Can’t agree with the crushing kids bit, but it is sweet.

  • How about a paint gun in the front??

  • Vincent

    Not Jason P, now you’re talking!

    And Emma, we all know how much you love crushing children.

  • Mark @ Kids Spiderman Costumes

    Nice cart! Looks like something from that old PC game…whats its called…Carmageddon or something like that.

  • Thanks Vincent, just trying to be creative. LOL