The Andy Sidaris Drinking Game! Hard Ticket to Getting Plastered

Andy Sidaris is the writer/director of a bevy of action movies from the late 80s to early 1990s that feature bad acting, action, and let’s be blunt, a ton of T&A. His most well known film is Hard Ticket to Hawaii which features on of the most hilariously bad monster designs ever put on film, but the rest of his films are also magical. If you’ve never seen an Andy Sidaris film, but like bad movies think of the now infamous Samurai Cop… if one guy had made 12 Samurai Cop films.

Nearly all of Andy Sidaris’s films features familiar tropes. So familiar that his movies lend themselves to a drinking game that could be played across all of his his hilariously bad movies. If any of the following happens take a drink. Take multiple drinks if several of these things happen at once (they will).


A Woman Changes Clothes

Andy Sideris films feature a lot of nudity and in order to get even more nudity per minute of screen time women change clothes a lot.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

Sexual harassment is no joke. But apparently it’s an everyday and not unwanted thing in Andy Sidaris films.

Exposition Dumps

Characters meet up and discuss backstory. It doesn’t matter if it’s backstory explaining the plot of the film, or what you just saw, or the backstory of some character that is seemingly unrelated to the plot! Take a drink!


Someone Gets Into or Out of a Car

Andy loved establishing locations by having characters getting into cars or out of them. You’ll love it too when you realize how often it happens (constantly).

Sex Scene

The lady heroes have sex and the bad guys have sex and of course you have to see it. Extra drink if they have sex and their groins aren’t even aligned.

Establishing Shot of a City

This doesn’t happen as much in some of his other movies, but if you’re watching Malibu Express I really feel sorry for you, Son.


Bad Facial Hair

Thanks to the films being filmed in the late 80s and the early 90s there’s some really hilariously bad facial hair. You get to make the call if a regular goatee counts, but be sure to count a chin duster. This one should only be one drink per character with the bad facial hair… not each time that character shows up.

Cool Car Appears

If one of the former Playboy Playmates that star in the movies drives a Ferrari or the bad guy shows up in a Fiero it counts. It’s up to you if you count a regular Jeep Wrangler which shows up constantly in Hard Ticket to Hawaii.

Shower Scene

One way to get more nudity on screen is to have a shower scene and the ladies (and dudes) in Andy Sidaris movies are hitting the showers constantly.


A Joke Doesn’t Land

If characters make a joke and nobody watching laughs (or better yet, groans) then drink. You probably could just use this one for the drinking game and it would work.


Character Flies a Plane or Helicopter

What was Andy Sidaris’s obsession with planes and helicopters? Characters are constantly flying. You can count RC helicopters and cars for this one.

Characters Use Outdated Technology

The action heroes of Sidaris’s films are constantly using VCRs and tape cassette recorders.


Gun Porn

Is the film focusing on characters loading guns, talking about them, or showing them off? Gun porn gets you a drink!


Sexy Outfit For No Reason

Ladies in Andy Sidaris movies will often show up completely miss dressed for the situation, for instance a character working out in an office in a unitard that has a g-string. Or a maid in a g-string. Or a buff woman in a sexy outfit posing with nunchucks. It all counts.

  • Darrell Jordan

    You will get drunk 30 minutes into any of his movies ….LOL loved these movies on cinemax when I was a kid, I think it was Joe Bobs Drive Inn