The A-Team Trailer. The A Stands for Awesome.

Having watched plenty of ’80s TV growing up, I can clearly recognize the awesomeness that is the A-Team. I’ve been looking forward to the A-Team movie for awhile now and here’s the leaked trailer, which will surely get pulled any second.

A-Team Trailer – from Clive Owen on Vimeo.

In case you didn’t get a chance to see it, there is sadly no Mr. T. What it does have that is really nice to see is that there are lots of call backs to the original series from the looks of the characters to their signature van. Hell, even “Howling Mad Dog” Murdock looks the same. They pretty much had me until the completely ridiculous shot where the airplane they are in gets blown up, they escape in a falling tank, and then use the machine gun on top of the tank to shoot people while they are falling. While completely amazing in a insane kind of way, it’s a little too over the top.

That won’t stop me from seeing it, though.

  • Ian

    That looks awesome. I hear the Appleton area has a lot of nice theaters.