The 5 Worst Bond Girl Names

bond girl

The women in James Bond movies (“Bond girls”) frequently have memorable or suggestive names. It started with Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) and peaked with Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman). I give those a pass because they established a playful pun. Names like Bambi, May Day, or Electra are unique but certainly not suggestive. But sometimes the writers just went bizarrely over-the-top with names that no one could ever have. Here are the five worst offenders

Dr. Holly Goodhead

dr holly goodhead

In Moonraker, Bond teams up with a NASA pilot to fight the villainous Hugo Drax in outer space. I guess they figured the plot was so ridiculous that no one would care if they essentially named the female lead Ms. Blowjob.



Okay, this one is crazy because it’s a codename that a lady gave herself. And then they even used it as the title. There’s zero subtlety about it.

Dr. Molly Warmflash

molly warmflash

The hell? First of all, that’s just not a real name. Second, what’s it supposed to imply? She isn’t quite old enough for hot flashes but she’s getting close? That’s not sexy.

Dr. Christmas Jones

christmas jones

This is the most painfully reverse-engineered name. It’s given to a character for the sole purpose of allowing Bond to make a terrible joke at the end that he thought “Christmas only comes once a year.” The joke wasn’t worth it.

Strawberry Fields

strawberry fields

To be fair, in the movie dialog she is only referred to as Agent Fields and happens to have red hair. But take a look at the credits and there’s the name. At best it inspires a groan and an eye-roll.