The 2013 G.I. Joe and Transformer Crossover SDCC Exclusive!


This year I decided to skip trying to get any SDCC exclusives. I’m poor and while I usually have a hook up for getting some of them, sometimes they’re incredibly hard to get, leaving me stuck having to hit refresh on Hasbro Toy Shop or Matty Collector all day in the hopes of scoring it big.

Well, Hasbro has gone and made a fucking fantastic looking G.I. Joe exclusive with another Transformers / G.I. Joe mash up, which is supposedly the last in the series.


The really big selling point for me is the Jetfire Skystriker. Of course it doesn’t transform, that would be ludicrous and the thing would cost more than a Hot Toys figure.

Still, from this one picture it’s got me drooling. While you could get the stickers to make a normal Skystriker look like Jetfire from a place like Cobra Stickers, the thing you wouldn’t have is that armor on the top. The body of the Skystriker appears to be a much lighter color too, because the regular 30th Anniversary Skystriker was pretty dark.

I wonder how Hasbro can get away making this. It looks way closer to a Robotech Veritech than any Jetfire that they’ve released since the original G1 version. Maybe because it doesn’t Transform it’s cool?


Hound is basically VAMP with new stickers and seems like filler, if you ask me, but it’s still cool that he’s included in the set.


You also get this nifty Baroness with a pet Ravage! How cool is that? That Baroness looks to be sporting a sexy new head.


This guy is Bludgeon, a G1 pretender Transformer. Hasbro is having a brand new Budo character coming down the pipe, so this is a great re-use of those parts.


If you really want some filler, how about this Snake Eyes?


Finally we get this cool mini version of Blaster that perfectly compliments last year’s Shockwave.

Speaking of the SDCC Shockwave set, that was easy pass for me. This set is a must get, so I’ll be forced to beg my friends going to Comic Con to try to get one for me. It also means I’m probably going to sell my SDCC Soundwave set to help pay for it. Sigh..

Source: USA Today

  • This set is Awesome!! Too bad I’ll never see it. I have tried the last two years to get the G.I. Joe/Transformer sets from HTS and failed both times and imagine I’ll fail again. I’ve done pretty well with other exclusives, but these just go too quickly and by the time I get the browser to refresh it is gone. I really wish Hasbro would up the numbers they have for the store. Not to mention trying to get Boba Fett. I could always revert to ebay, but I just don’t want to pay that much for them.

    And I love Baroness with Ravage. That just really throws the set over the top.

  • Wes GRogan

    That’s great and all but I -=STILL=- can’t get past the Baroness’s cobragina. I really have to wonder at her costume designer, man. The rest of it looks sweet as can be, though.