The 13 Most Annoying Star Wars Characters

Star Wars certainly has it’s fair share of great characters, but it also has a huge amount of annoying characters as well. Join me then as I explore the 13 most annoying Star Wars characters!

13. The Neimoidians


Just look at this horseshit.

The Nemodians aren’t really that terrible except for the part where they are horrible Asian caricatures. Well, that and they aren’t the kind of villains that should be in a Star Wars film, so I guess that does make them pretty terrible.

I would argue that they grow a little less annoying in a neat story arch in Episodes II and III. In Attack of the Clones Nute Gunray just wants to see Padme dead after the first film. He’s the only one smart enough to want to kill her right away as opposed to having some highly elaborate execution that the heroes might escape from. In Revenge of the Sith he’s a pretty pathetic shell of his former self and he even begs for his life from the newly christened Darth Vader. So yeah, it’s not all bad when there’s actual drama in the prequels and not just poop jokes.

12. Ziro the Hutt


At least he's... colorful.

Unlike some fans, I wasn’t as annoyed with Ziro the Hutt who appeared in the Clone Wars animated movie, but hot damn there was a legion of nerds who had hate-ons for the guy. What really annoyed me was the controversy surrounding him. Many fans complained that he was ultra gay. First, I don’t understand why that’s a problem and secondly, he wasn’t gay. He was so Southern that he crossed over into gay. Either way, while it was super annoying that a Hutt would speak English in an annoying voice, it was even more annoying to read and hear all the nerds complaining about him, even though he was only onscreen for about five minutes.

11. Dash Rendar

It's really hard to tough with a costume that ridiculous.

It's really hard to act tough with a costume that ridiculous.

I think that the quilted shoulder pads should speak for themselves, but overall he was a pretty weak Han Solo replacement. Also, while Shadows of the Empire was a cool ass Nintendo 64 game, it sucked that the only playable character was Dash who was a one and done stopgap.

10. Jedi Librarian


Great costume choice of the biggest c-word in the Star Wars galaxy.

When Obi-Wan is trying to solve the mystery of… something, he consults the Jedi Library when he doesn’t find a planetary system on the computer. He asks a Jedi librarian for assistance and she acts like a total bitch.

While the character of a “Jedi Librarian” is annoying in concept and I’m not a fan of her giving Obi-Wan lip, the most annoying part is that she’s scored really high on fan wish lists for an action figure. Why? To complete some sort of Jedi Library diorama? What’s the fucking point?

9. Ashoka

Certainly not the coolest girl in school.

Certainly not the coolest girl in school.

Asoka from the Clone Wars animated series is a character that has improved a little over time. During the Clone Wars animated movie though, she was in rare form. Her most annoying aspect (to this day) is her need to make up terrible nicknames. Anakin Skywalker becomes “Sky Guy”. Really? That’s the best you can come up with? Perhaps the worst nickname, or at least the most aggravating, is her insistence on calling R2-D2 “Artooy.” This is stroke inducing annoying, because his shortened name is R2, so adding an extra syllable on the end needlessly makes his name longer. If you’re going to give out a proper nickname, call him T-Bone or R-dawg and be done with it.

Another big problem with the character is that if there is supposed to be any kind of consistency with the fact that Luke, Obi-Wan, and Yoda end up being the last of the Jedi, Ashoka has to be killed. It would really make an awesome story where she is murdered at the hands of her master Anakin, but we all know that’s never going to happen on a children’s show.

8. Darth Maul


Darth Maul is annoying for one very obvious reason: He didn’t live up to his potential in the Phantom Menace. Darth Maul another character that got tons of build up, but enjoyed only a small amount of screen time and a less than dignified death. To make matters worse, he died pre-Clone Wars. There’s not a whole lot of Expanded Universe territory in the pre-Clone Wars time-frame aside from some comics, so it really limits the amount of stories Maul can appear in. It’s no surprise that his popularity was mostly a fad.

7. Fode – The two headed alien announcer

Who looks at this and thinks, "This is a great character design!"

Who looks at this and thinks, "This is a great character design!"

George Lucas must have made Phantom Menace on a bet. A good indicator of this is the two headed alien pod racer announcer who can only be explained away a response to Steven Spielburg saying, “Hey George, I bet you can’t make the worst piece of shit ever.”

As terrible as he is though, the main reason he’s on the list is that the one head is unabashedly comedian Greg Proops. It helps to really pull our out the film, but then on second thought, maybe that’s a good thing.

6. Jar Jar/Boss Nass


The dumbest costume paired with the dumbest collectable.

I didn’t want to include Jar Jar because he’s so damned obvious. These kinds of lists are supposed to surprise and shock you. Still, there’s no Star Wars themed “worst of” list you can possible make that doesn’t have Jar Jar Binks on it. One of the most annoying aspects of Jar Jar isn’t even in the films, though. It’s the fact that the kids that grow up with him will not find him as annoying as we do. It’s probably the same reason why some fans like Ewoks when Return of the Jedi was the film they remember seeing in the theater first, as opposed to those fans that remember seeing A New Hope and Empire in theaters before Jedi.

Boss Nass ties with Jar Jar just because he does that stupid cheek waddle thing and he looks nothing like the rest of the Gungans.

5. Anakin Skywalker


I'm acting!

Talk about dropping the ball on creating a compelling character. When Obi-Wan described Anakin as a friend and a great pilot, the last guy I would have pictured was the one characterized in the films. He’s god damned annoying in Phantom Menace and is just a whiny, creepy, dumbass throughout the rest of the prequel trilogy.

4. Padme Amidala


The lack of snow here isn't really helping.

Man, Padme had promise. Sure she was kind of dud in The Phantom Menace, but she did have some decent action in re-taking the throne room. She showed a little more promise in Attack of the Clones with her arena battle scenes, though it was annoying that her reactions to the insanely weird Anakin Skywalker was to fall in love with him. Annoying enough to get on this list? No. She gets on this list for taking a nose-dive in Revenge of the Sith. In the theatrical cut of the movie she spends the whole thing being pregnant, crying, and then to top it all off she dies of heartbreak. What a dick move. She leaves two kids all alone in the world because she’s sad.

3. Aurra Sing

The greatest single moment in film history.

The greatest single moment in film history.

If there was any character that just screamed big fat failure, it’s Aurra Sing. Sing was built up prior to the release of Phantom Menace as the next big thing. The way that she was presented at the time was that she was pretty much going to be the next Boba Fett. A bounty hunter that hunts Jedi? Score! Hell, she wasn’t even regulated to the EU, she was even going to be in The Phantom Menace! Well, her screen time lasted about three seconds, she was kind of ugly, and she never really went anywhere. Sure she showed up and was kind of cool in the Clone Wars comic (and later in the GGI cartoon), but it’s too little, too late.

2.Joh Yowza (Full name: J’ywz’gnk Kchhllbrxcstk Et’nrmdndlcvtbrx… no really)


Spittle in your face is always entertaining in film.

The Star Wars special Editions  gave us a lot of terrible, terrible things.  Joh Yowza flies under radar a bit thanks to the infamous stuff like “Han shoots first”, but he’s gotten away with hijacking Return of the Jedi for far too long. I skip past Yowza’s appearance any time that I watch Return of the Jedi and the terrible “improved” musical number in Jabba’s palace shows up.

If I was going to single out any character it’s Joh Yowza who makes the scene unbearably worse. His very cartoon existence is a blight on an otherwise great film. (And if you point out that the Ewoks ruin the movie, fuck you, you have no soul.)

1. Quinlan Vos


Coolest Jedi Evaar!

What’s not to like about Quinlan Vos? He’s an ultra cool Jedi who had to delve in the Dark Side in order to try and uncover Darth Tyranus’s secrets? He just looks cool right? Well, that’s true, but the reason that he’s annoying is that he’s designed to be the coolest Jedi ever. Just look at that hair and the face make up. He’s the friggen Wolverine of the Star Wars universe. He’s got bad boy stamped all over him, like he was designed by a committee to give nerds’ boners. And it worked on you. You’ve fallen for the Mountain Dew of Star Wars characters.

  • So no annoying characters from the original trilogy? Or the EU? I’m sure the Solo’s kids must have been annoying (I wouldn’t know for sure though).

  • Vincent

    Vos and Dash are from the EU. If you can come up with one character that’s annoying from the original trilogy (pre-special edition), I would like to hear it. I can’t think of any besides Salacious Crumb and that’s only because he was supposed to be annoying.

  • monkey boy

    i mostly agree with your list, and you probably could have titled it the 13 most annoying sw characters (that aren’t jar jar) and gotten away with it. although i wouldn’t have put darth maul on the list. he gives qui gon a sound thrashing twice, and judging by all the annoying EU and prequel boba fett hoopla, you gotta kinda like that there’s only a little bit of darth maul stuff out there, most of it from the “never really happened” infinities. as for OT annoying characters, i’d have put C3P0 on the list, however with an asterisk explaining that his qualification for the list was based on his behavior in the prequels. he is absolutely inexcusable in episode 2. in fact, threepio’s behavior in episode 2 almost makes him, in my opinion, the single worst character in the entire saga.

    oh, and the reason fans always clamor for a jocasta nu figure is the same reason they clamor for the fat six boobed dancer and the ice cream maker guy. i’m not sure WHAT that reason is, but there has to be a correlation between this ridiculous fan uproar for figures that are just ridiculously stupid in action figure form.

  • I played the FUCK out of Shadows of the Empire on N64. That was at a formative stage of my life when I was all about the EU. And then I got into the post RotJ books where the forces of the New Republic battled what were essentially Dinosaucers … and then I punched out.

  • Kid Nicky

    Aurra Sing RULES!

  • Keith

    On the flip side, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Luke was as whiney as Anakin ever was.

    “But I was going in to Toschi station to pick up some power converters.”

  • Vincent

    That’s true. I think it’s all part of his character arch. He was really only whiney at the start of the film.

  • Wallace

    I disagree with your inclusion of Quinlan Voss, Padme, and …Darth Maul???! Yeah, maybe he died at the end of Episode 1, but he was by far the best thing to come out of the prequels. And your ranking is horrible. Jar Jar should be at the top of the list, followed by Joh, Fod, and Ziro. Pretty much agree with the other annoying characters though.

  • Monkeyboywally

    I agree that Darth Maul does NOT belong on this list. I can see why you included Padme, Quinlan and Aurra, but again, I don’t think the characters themselves are annoying. I think that Anakin, C3P0 and Obi Wan were butchered in the prequels, but Obi-Wan’s flaw was the HORRIBLE script, not any fault of Ewan McGregor’s. i have a few additions I would suggest, Beware as there are some ***SPOILERS*** included.
    1. Elan Sel’Sabagno: The stupid guy with antenna (cuz that makes him REAL alien) in Episode 2 that tries to sell Obi-Wan death sticks
    2. Wat Tambor: Although the outfit was cool, it looked so idiotic every time he freaked out when his modulator (or whatever) went out, and it went out rhythmically.
    3. Callista Ming: A dead jedi that somehow survived in a computer bank, which is impossible, and Luke managed to fall in love with over the course of one novel: Children of the Jedi. She also showed up in Planet of Twilight, a mediocre novel at best, and now she’s turned into a major plague on the universe in later novels. Stupid concept, which leads me to the last on my list.
    4. I-5YQ: a droid that manages to have the force. This is again an exhibition of a major galaxy-changing concept (such as midi-chlorians) that is thrown out on a whim in the Coruscant Nights trilogy.

  • You’ve clearly forgotten Wesley Crusher.

  • @Reido_Bandito: I lol’d.

    Darth Maul wasn’t annoying, just mis/under-used. I think the only reason they had him was “Well, its the first movie, somebody haz to die or something haz to get blow’d up.”

    C3P0 is pretty damn annoying, and so is *gasp* Luke Skywalker in the first movie.

  • I said the same thing to my best friend about Padme… the only reason i could stand her in the movie was because i have a major crush with Natalie Portman.. and Jar Jar is the most hated character from all.. i hate that fucker!

  • Haha thanks for the input Karolyna!

  • Wolf Gnards

    Why was Dash Rendar out drinking all night? Also, Joh Yowza was so much worse than the Ewoks.

  • Cuz he’s a cool dude, bro!

    And yes, can’t agree with that any more.

  • jjv

    boba fett according to his maul analogy. a BAD ASS with little screen time, yeah annoying, this list is annoying.

  • Who is “his”? Are you talking to me but referring to me in the 3rd person?

    Also you are annoying. How does it feel? Not so good, right? Words hurt. Words. Hurt.

  • Elmo Spiffle

    I’m sorry but the Ewoks are the worst of all time. I was 10 years old in 1977 and was completely blown away by Star Wars. Greatest film of all time. Empire Strikes Back- very good sequel. Return of the Jedi- crap. The Ewoks are mostly to blame. Teddy bears? Defeating an Imperial Legion? I don’t think so. I know Lucas wanted to show a primitive race defeating a technically advanced power -but teddy bears! the Ewoks even sometimes speak what sounds like Vietnamese. I know the Ewoks are a allegory for the NVA but this is insulting to the NVA! The army and airforce of North Vietnam was not as advanced as the U.S. but they still were very proficient at using advanced weaponry- Mig’s, SAM’s, Artillrey ect..
    The whole thing makes the Empire look like a bunch of idiots. In the opening of the first film they are killing everybody in sight. By ROTJ they are being killed by rocks and sticks!

  • William Avitt

    “If you can come up with one character that’s annoying from the original trilogy (pre-special edition), I would like to hear it” Seriously? Have you never heard of a character named Luke Skywalker? He was every bit the whiney little bitch in the original trilogy that Anakin was in the prequels. In fact, Anakin’s portrayal seemed pretty family tradition to me. “But I was gonna go to Toshe Station to pick up some power converters” Shut the fuck up, Luke! Goddamn, Uncle Owen should have slapped the fuck out of that kid.

  • William Avitt

    YES! THANK YOU! I was beginning to think people have forgotten that Luke Skywalker was a whiney little bitch too!

  • William Avitt

    In the first movie, and in the second, and kind of in the third too

  • Hoopy

    Good article that I enjoyed reading. WELL DONE SIR!

  • Joey Johnson

    Bad list

  • Hey, thanks for your input. It’s always great to hear from a fan!

  • xXstretchXx

    Kyle Katarn is the wolverine of the star wars universe. also the Chuck Norris of the universe.

  • B S

    luke acted like a 5 year old for most of the original trilogies; he was impatient, whiney as hell and hard to stomach. leia was a raging bitch. han was a douche-bag creeper who came real close to dub-con with leia. obi-wan was kind of annoying like that old 60’s stoner is; spouting bullshit “wisdom” to the younger crowd because he thinks it makes him sound enlightened and then pretty much getting murdered before he could actually accomplish anything.

    there’s lots of pointless, annoying characters in the original trilogy. much like lucas’ brain, the original 3 haven’t aged well.