The 10th Annual Gathering of the White Trash Losers

Vincent   July 26, 2009   Comments Off on The 10th Annual Gathering of the White Trash Losers

As you may have noticed, I’ve been trying to theme this site a bit more nerdy to help it fit a niche, plus I’m nerdy so it kind of works out. Still, a video has been going around lately that really isn’t nerd related, unless you consider the people it’s directed to as nerds of a different sort. Both Matty of “Being a Dudecast” fame and Yo Go Re of have brought this to my attention and I can’t not share it with you. Ladies and Gents, welcome to Hell:

Now I’ve actually had some contact with “Jugglos” in the past on for daring to call ICP toys stupid and the band worthless (sorry, can’t find the link). I guess now that I’m thinking about it I was a little wrong, because Insane Clown Posse inadvertently gave the Ron and Fez show a great opening theme (albeit for their non-XM show).

And you know, to each his own, but how can they not see how stupid they look running around pretending to be a pyscho clown? I think Violent J is right. That this is like the Holy Land for white trash losers. But whatever, nobody understands them and their special in their own unique way like a retarded butterfly.

P.S. I want to plow Sugar Slam. If I have to put on clown makeup and drink shitty soda in order to get in, I’m doing it.

P.P.S. How far have GWAR and Coolio have fallen?

P.P.P.S. MC Chris, what the fuck? I mean really.