The 10 Worst Ghostbusters Toys


Ghostbusters was a huge hit cartoon in the late 80s/early 90s and it had plenty of merchandise to go along with it. Most of it made sense. Figures, weird ghosts and monsters, simple replicas of proton packs and ghost traps. But some of it was just garbage. Pieces where the Kenner, the toy company, was just trying to fleece some kids. Knockoffs are also fair game but I won’t include Filmation’s version of Ghostbusters or we’d be stuck on this topic all week. Here are the ten worst.

10. Spook Chaser


Okay, this one isn’t even an official toy. It’s a ripoff version. This is Almost-Egon. And apparently they just grab jello shaped monsters with a pair of tongs. If grandma picked this one up, the kid is going home sad.

9. Gooper Ghost

Ghostbusters Booger Ghost Squisher

This one is low on the list because some of you weirdos say that you actually like slime toys. Not me! It’s been well documented that I am not a fan.

8. Quasimodo


Quasimodo came in a monsters line that had a vampire, a wolfman, a mummy. But Quasimodo was just a man with a hunchback. I just feel sad now.

7. Screaming Heroes Winston


He looks like he’s ready to go into outer space to blow an alien.

6. Containment Unit

gb5.1 gb5.3 gb5.2

You tell me what you’re supposed to be able to do with this.

5. Ghostbusters Ceiling Fan


For those fun days where it’s hot and you have to stay in your room.

4. Ghost Grab-a-meter


Right at the end of the line, Kenner went for broke with this invention. It fired a missile AND had a grabber claw. Effective against ghosts? Debatable. Effective at annoying a younger sibling? Completely.

3.Ghost Spooker


This toy blew. First of all, they never used this on the tv show. Second, all it did was make your voice a little tinny. About as effective as cupping your hands over your mouth. Finally, the ghosts are the ones that scare people, not the other way around.

2. Fearsome Flush


Why are they trying to scare us away from toilets? We all need to poop.

1. Screamin’ Janine

At one point, Kenner introduced their Screaming Heroes line of figures. For the Ghostbusters, you’d squeeze their legs and their eyes would bug out or something like that. For Janine, her skirt flew up. Not only sexist but pretty out of character.

  • I don’t know Fearsome Flush is rather cool in my back, then again I like all the oddball stuff. Also I had a lot of fun with the Grab-O-Meter back in the day. Cool list!

  • Chris Piers

    I suppose just because I put them at the bottom of my list doesn’t make them bad!

  • As far as role playing toys go The Real Ghostbusters line from Kenner was pretty great. Sure the Grab-a-meter may be a little lame, but it gets a pass because of the Proton Pack.

  • I was a big fan of Fearsome Flush too. BUT, it is a pretty silly concept. Only so many story lines you can work it into during playtime as a kid.

  • David Boozer

    Sounds like you’re getting Screaming Heroes Janine confused with the Fright Features line… but she is still probably the worst toy just for her blow up doll characterisitcs. The image didn’t load for her, though. The containment unit would be more fun if you had both pieces to it!

  • Idontkare

    I laughed af when I red the last line to the Grab-a-meter caption
    What are you supposed to do with the ghost containment unit?
    You need aghost, put it in the small part, close, put the small part over the large part, slide, your ghost is now contained in the large part. Wait-your missing the small part this unit comes (came) with the firehouse