The 10 Lamest Street Fighter Characters

street fighter movie freeze frame

All American Guile with his thick Belgian accent

Capcom has been making Street Fighter games since 1987. That’s almost three decades! With that kind of history, it really is inevitable that some characters would be stinkers. That’s just a numbers game. The following list is our opinion of the worst characters. We’re not really talking in terms of gameplay, but character design and history.

10. Skullomania


This guy is apparently an unsuccessful businessman with a wife and kids that decided to put on a Halloween costume. And then apparently battle the world’s greatest hand-to-hand combatants. Brilliant move, dude. The character was even unpopular among the Street Fighter game designers as he was let go from those games and incorporated into the less popular Fighter Maker and Technictix games.

9. Oro


The basic idea of Oro is okay. He’s a one-armed martial arts master that lives in seclusion. But he looks like a melted candle. And his character apparently can’t understand what sexual harassment is. Ibuki came to fight him as part of her ninja exam and he thought she was coming on to him. No, she’s trying to kill your ugly ass.

8. Birdie


He has genie boots and some sort of piece of Swiss cheese for hair. Stupid. Capcom had a 15th anniversary poll to rank its characters and Birdie tied for last.

7. Area


Area’s father was a technological genius whose inventions weren’t selling. So Area turned them into weapons and entered the Street Fighter competition. You know, that really doesn’t seem fair. If Ryu could just pull out a gun and shoot Dhalsim in the head, that’s not exactly street fighting. She also wears roller blades because she came out in the 90s.

6. Cody


I’ve heard Cody is a popular character to play as. That’s cool. But his design is the pits. He’s a criminal so he fights in a cartoon prison jump suit that looks like it’s from the 1920s. And he fights in handcuffs. Either break free or don’t.

5. Rainbow Mika

rainbow mika

Cammy and Chun-Li are both pretty and popular. So then Capcom just went the pure exploitative trash route with this character. Her story is she wants to be a pro-wrestler so she enters the street fighting scene. You know she won’t be good at her dream job when she doesn’t even understand the difference between staged pro-wrestling and real street fights.

4. Hugo


Hugo. Basically some sort of a mix between Zangief and Andre the Giant. But with an ugly pink outfit. What’s up with Capcom inserting all these pro-wrestlers? Look at how sad he looks. He knows his life is crap.

3. Gill


Gill was supposed to be the big evil boss character. But that design is not intimidating. Supposedly he’s the president of an evil secret society but he prances around in a loincloth? How do you get any business done like that? Does he have to paint his body every day? What a waste of time.

2. Rufus


He’s a big fat guy, but his real gimmick was that Capcom decided to use the physics engine they’d built for boobs on Rufus’ whole body. So he’s essentially a gigantic wiggling boob that’s painted up like a clown. Don’t even get me started on his trail of pubes moving up his belly. Absolutely terrifying.

1. Hakan


In a game full of insensitive ethnic portrayals, Hakan takes the cake. He’s a Turkish oil wrestler so they colored him bright red and gave him a finishing move where he squeezes people in his butt cheeks and they go shooting across the floor because he’s so oiled up.

  • Skewed_View

    I can’t tell you how much I hate Gill. He is such a lazy, lazy, badguy. I can’t disagree with most of these, and I’m surprised to see a few I’ve never heard of before.
    I do have to point out that Oro is not one-armed, he just fights with one arm tied behind his back.

  • Doug

    Its fun how you dont even know what you are talking about! Do some research please before writing a shit load of nonsense bs!


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