That’s It, I’m Done with NECA

I’ve been a toy collector since my teens and in the couple of decades since then I’ve never been one to troll a toy company. I hate the attitudes of ultra dweeb collectors that harp on and on about a company by calling them affectionate names like “Hasblow”. A company makes good products or it doesn’t, you choose to buy them or you don’t. There’s no need to sit on message boards and complain about them all day. That’s why I feel a little guilty about writing this post. I’m fairly new to collecting NECA figures, but their recent offerings have really excited me.

NECA’s line up includes figures from some of my favorite 80s properties. Aliens. Predator. Terminator. Robocop. And the toys look amazing. However, I have to say that I don’t think I can buy another figure from NECA. And here’s why:


This post originally was going to be about how great this Alien Warrior from their Aliens line is and how everyone should get one or a bunch. However, it is not because his leg snapped off while moving it under not extraordinary pressure. I was just moving it normally. I could understand if it was an isolated issue with a figure and move on. However, I’ve had way too many problems with NECA toys.

Let’s total up the NECA figures I’ve purchased so far:

1. Robocop with spring out holster
2. Dutch from Predator
3. Jungle Hunter Predator
4. ED-209
5. Sgt. Windrix
6. Alien Warrior
7. Kyle Reese

Out of the seven figures, Jungle Hunter Predator had a wrist blade snap off, ED-209 wasn’t glued properly, and the Alien Warrior’s leg broke off. That’s a 42% defect rate in this small sample size. What on Earth would posses any sane consumer to purchase more from a company that had that many defects?

Toy collectors will put up with a lot. Even still buying figures from a company that will have known QC issues. However, I can’t be one of them. It’s too frustrating. There are plenty of other toys I could spend my money on.

On Twitter their response to my complaints has been (the last 2 times) basically: If you bought it from us we can exchange it for you otherwise take it to the store you got it from. That’s nice and all, but it doesn’t address the underlying concerns that these kinds of issues won’t happen again.


Okay anyway, I have to make note about Sgt. Windrix, since I picked him up when I got the Alien. Windrex is a Colonial Marine that you didn’t see in the movies, because he’s a new guy. He’s the brother of one of the sculptors at NECA and he unfortunately passed away not that long ago. It’s a really tragic story. I wanted the figure because I like the idea of more than just movie figures coming out. Expanded universe Aliens figures is a cool idea.


Unfortunately, as a toy it suffers a couple of flaws. I can’t get him to hold his flame thrower properly because of the way his hand is angled. You can mess around with it so it looks better at the cost of the wrist having an awkward angle. That’s not something I’m going to do when I’m afraid I’ll break him moving him around.


The other flaw is that the shoulder mounted camera can fit into the peg in the back, but no matter what I do I can’t get it to stay. It keeps popping back out.

So Windrix is a cool figure overall with some great details, but not exactly what I was hoping for while the Alien figure was a huge failure and a big disappointment.

Now that I think about it, I may give NECA one last chance with their Robocop 3 figure… but that’s a maybe. The fact is, I was planning on picking up ever single one of their Aliens figures they’re putting out now, but not any more. I gotta vote with my wallet. NECA, please increase the quality in your toys. I have to be able to move them around without breaking.

If NECA can somehow prove that the 42% product failure rate I’m experiencing is a fluke I’ll take back everything I’ve said and start buying their stuff like crazy.

  • Chris Piers

    Yeah, I like the sculpts that NECA does but I’ve also heard they are kind of “cheap” and flimsy so I haven’t bought any of their pieces.

  • I can’t recommend buying any figure made by them at this point. Unless I somehow got a bunch a figures in a row that didn’t break, but I don’t see how that would be possible if I’m not purchasing them.

  • We haven’t had any completely break on us yes, but we have noticed that the legs on the Predator figures are super loose. Arms too. They can’t hold up any weight at all…they just seem to fall straight down.

  • Yeah, I bought the surly-drunken E.T. figure and his arm snapped off while gingerly pulling him from the packing. If I can’t even pull the figure out of the packaging there’s a problem. These figures suffer from the same issues that the McFarlane figures have always had. It’s like they balance the extremely detailed sculpts and paint with cheap quality parts. You see this balance in a lot of toys, going in one direction or the other. The Playmates Nick TMNT figures have good sculpts and quality, but the paint is horrible. The Hasbro toys have great sculpts and paint on their 3.75″ Joes, but the plastic is so damn cheap it’s impossible to “play” with the figures.

  • I was done with NECA during the Rocky line. Bought a Rocky in fight gear with two right arms and they ignored my emails and tweets. Then an Apollo Creed which busted after some minor posing.Weak!

  • Ben Rollier

    I’m holding out hope that they improve. I don’t own any NECA figures but, I AM getting the Batman Arkham Origins figure. Because I must.

  • Good luck Bro. Batman doesn’t seem like a character that would have thin joints, so maybe he won’t break.

  • Aria

    I thought part of your Robocop guy broke too, no?

  • The holster parts can come off the hinge, but it hasn’t “broke” since I can put it back on.

  • Mark

    I owned 8 NECA figures. 4x Turtles and 4x Street Fighter figures. Ryu’s arm broke at the shoulder as soon as I opened it. Ken’s ankle would not move. Raphael’s sai broke when being put in his hand. Leonardo’s katana sheath broke off opening the figure and the blade snapped when it was lightly toughed.

  • Mark

    Also all the 25th anniversary onwards G.I. Joes are crooked. Especially noticeable when trying to stand them straight.

  • I don’t have many problems with G.I. Joe, except some of the overly complicated ones sometimes have problems holding their weapons in place and what not.

  • Shesh.

  • Mark


  • Mark

    It’s really annoying because the recent stuff they are making looks fantastic, but I can’t afford risking buying them just to have them break or have QC problems.

  • Exactly. I really want to get their upcoming power loader, but do I want it to snap in half in my hands? Nope.

  • Mark

    Here in Northern Ireland the only place you can get NECA figures is to order them online. So when they break like mine, taking them back to the shop for a replacement or refund is not an option. Then when you contact the shops their standard reply is that ‘it’s the manufacturers fault not ours, you will have to contact them’.

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  • Shawn

    The worst thing I’ve ever dealt with from a NECA figure were missing throwing daggers from the Ninja Gaiden Ryu Hayabusa figure. I emailed NECA that they were missing and they mailed me the daggers. Other then that, I always check over the paint quality of the figures before I buy one because I notice the paints apps can be a little off sometimes.

    I’ve been collecting NECA for years and never had any of them break, though. I guess I must be one of the lucky few.

  • Had my first NECA snafu just the other day. Ordered four figures…2 Predators, a Dutch, and a Rambo. All of them were fine except for the Rambo. The leg is made of three pieces. The upper leg, lower leg, and foot. Well, the lower leg was put in backwards so that the calf is in the front and knee in the back. This causes the leg joint to bend in the wrong direction. I don’t dare take it apart for fear of breaking it. I still was able to get the figure to stand although a little bit awkwardly.

  • Skewed_View

    Man, that stinks. I’ve had two Neca figures break on me. One of their Street Fighter IV figures (I think this one was Guile) had a clear shoulder disc that snapped, and my Alien figure from Alien snapped at the elbow. Both times I was able to get back to the store and exchange them before they sold out. I don’t know how many Neca figures I have, but it’s enough to fill up a good sized rubbermaid tub.
    However, if I had all the problems you’ve had then I’d give up too. Personal experience counts for a lot.

  • Chayse Neyman

    Every NECA figure I’ve gotten has broken save for my Team Fortress 2 Pyro, which at this point I’m too afraid to mess with because of it. My Alien figure broke in the same place in the middle of shooting a review of it. I even tweeted the video to NECA and have gotten no response. I keep hearing praises for their customer service yet I’ve never heard from them about any of things I’ve sent them, even through their website’s form. It really sucks because now I really want the new Godzilla they’ve put out but it’ll probably break like everything else.

  • Ugh that sucks. Yeah, they don’t respond to negativity, which is good in a way, but also bad. It would be nice if they did some damage control.

  • Kevin Byron

    NECA is a strange company. Their human figures have a good reputation and rarely break, while their alien/monster figures seem to break more frequently. Look at NECA’s Jungle Patrol Dutch and Jungle Encounter Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) figures. I own probably 45-50 of each of those, which I use as the base for my customs. Never had a problem with either figure.
    The Aliens figures were flawed from the start, I had problems with every Alien (monster figure) up to the current 2-packs with Hudson vs. Alien and Hicks vs. Alien. The human colonial marine figures not so much, and the articulation on the Aliens and Predator Dutch figures is great. However, NECA recently stated that due to quality control issues, they will be using a different factory for ALL future Aliens figures after series 2. That change in manufacturing is what they said is delaying the release of Aliens series 3 figures, which will include android Bishop and Dog Alien.
    One thing I wish NECA would do is use a molded plastic in flesh color on all future Aliens human figures. They did this with all the Dutch figures and they looked more realistic. The painted on face flesh and skin flesh on the arms/hands just makes them look cheap. Not to mention, I’m thinking they’ll want to make the 2015 Ripley figures of Sigourney Weaver look as good as they can, just as they did with Arnold.

  • Kevin Byron

    Yep, I had the same problem with my Rambo from FB1. I only bought a few of those and the first one I bought had a reversed leg as you described. I emailed NECA through their website and they assured me that it would not be a problem in the future with the Rambo survival figure and the First Blood 2 figure. The only thing I was thankful for in the first Rambo figure, was they used molded flesh instead of painting the skin on his face, arms and hands.

  • Kevin Byron

    Some of the guys who work for NECA used to work at McFarlane. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re quite as troublesome and breakable as McFarlane, but they definitely need to resolve the quality control issues on all future products. The fiasco involving NECA’s banned Django Unchained figures certainly gave them a boost in media attention, so now is NOT the time for them to be having quality control issues with their figures.

  • Kevin Byron

    The Rocky figures were plagued with problems. I have 3 broken Rocky figures. Here’s to hoping NECA will re-release improved versions of the Rocky figures, just as they claim to be doing with the Terminator figures.

  • Kevin Byron

    You might try going on NECA’s twitter account and talking to their head manager. His name is Randy. Their twitter is very chaotic and photo heavy, so it can be overwhelming. That’s why I rarely check it.

  • Let’s hope. They had such promise.

  • Yeah, the only response I’ve ever gotten was, “If you bought it from us we can return it. Otherwise take it back to the store.” While on the surface is a logical answer, but it does absolutely nothing to address my future fears about possible breakage.

    It’s like if I bought a car from a dealer who gave me a money back guarantee. The first drive the car is a lemon. They tell me I can bring it back and replace it with the same thing. That car is a lemon too. They tell me they can bring it back. How many times is the car going to break before I buy a different type of car?

  • Johns

    I’ve noticed the sculpts haven’t been as good since Randy Falk in the past few years has fired some of the better sculptors because he didn’t like them….lol. Meanwhile Randy probably is the one that needs to go :)

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  • 80’s Guy

    Yeah like I said in another Post My Ed-209’s Head Fell Off and A gun Arm Wire was snapped.I got it from a local Comic Store so I had to Pay A bit more ($97 if I’m Correct) and the Owner couldn’t get any more so I’m stuck with it.

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  • Al Sartwell

    Both my neca hulk arms broke almost immediately at the shoulder joint. Ridiculous

  • Thanks for letting me know they still have issues.

    As a follow up, I did purchase the Robocop 3 figure and he broke, but only after he fell of my shelf. So that one is on me, I guess.

  • Jango Fett

    I know the feeling. I bought the Chainsaw Ganado figure a year ago, and when I was trying to place the chainsaw in his hands, the handle broke off at one end. I used some superglue and a very tiny drillbit to connect it again. That handle barely had anything to it, and I haven’t taken his weapon outta his hands since then.

  • NKVD Citizen101

    Gathered 7 alien figures, trying to make a diorama. But fok it, the joints is the worst crap ive ever experienced.