Terrible Tat, Star Wars Style


Great White Snark likes to point out that Crom awful Luke Skywalker in this otherwise poorly thought out piece of back “art” inspired by Star Wars, but my favorite is Down Syndrome Yoda on the left. The artist truly captured the essence of a retarded Jedi.

Anyone else have any favorites on this stupendously awful Star Wars tattoo?

Thanks to Great White Snark

  • Ian

    “Down Syndrome Yoda” will be the name of my new band

  • Vincent

    I will go see your band and buy a button.

  • I hope at least this guy likes his tattoos, as they just make me cringe.

  • Do you think the tattoo artist was really terrible, or was he like super talented, but thought this guy was a nerd wanting all that Star Wars ink and just did a terrible job on purpose?

  • Vincent

    Hah, I think it was a bad artist. They have reputations to uphold.

  • Is that supposed to be Luke or Leia in the rebel fighter pilot outfit? I honestly can’t tell.