Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The End?


Please Fox, don’t do this to me. When Sarah Connor Chronicles first aired, I prepared myself for a short few episodes of kind of suck and then a hasty cancellation. Then you order a full second season and for awhile there I was still okay with it going away, but hot damn something happened that energized the writers to actually produce an amazing sci-fi drama. I now found that I love the show and will cry great big tear balls if you don’t order more episodes.

Spoilers after the more tab.

This last episode was amazingly awesome. The problem with this show facing cancellation is that I won’t be able to ever find out what the deal with the “other” prototype Skynet, or how many more police officers they could kill in the Terminator franchise, or if John will ever bone a robot chick or if he’s just going to get his kicks by putting his hands in their guts. Please Fox, have some decency. Order some more episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.