Terminator Kids


You know what’s a horrible idea? Dressing your child up like a Terminator in a kid’s costume. Why? I can’t believe you even have to ask me why. First of all, if it’s Halloween and kids are wearing this I’m going to be on the edge of my nerves because of all the spooks and what not. Plus, I’ll be drinking and that always makes me stabby. The last thing I need to see is a tiny murderous robot running around. When one of these kids comes to my door I can’t be responsible for my actions. I’m not saying I’d intentionally harm a child, but when I see a killer robot in front of me, no matter what size, I’m taking it out. I don’t think I’m being crazy here, why risk the chance that the pint size robot in front of you really is a robotic child sent from the future to kill you before you can become the future savior of mankind? I think you’re the crazy one for not shooting first and asking questions later.

Thanks to: Geekologie

  • Also? It’s effin gross that they’re marketing this IP to children at all. At all.

  • That pic made me LOL.

  • Well it is the T-600, which is humanoid. But it’s just the opposite of the usual model – which are usually covered in a sheet of rubber skin, meant to resemble that of a human. It’s a NegaT-600 who wants your candy!

    (I got the Nega part from Darkwing Duck.)

  • look at its tiny fists!

  • i’m reminded of the alien toy that came out at the same time the first movie was released back in 79. without the parents up in arms.

  • That’s just about the worst costume I’ve ever seen. Thanks goodness we don’t do Halloween over here!

  • Vincent

    I didn’t realize that this would hit such a nerve. That’s it, more pictures of kids dressed up like stuff!

    Wait… please ignore that internet cops.

  • krpy

    This strikes me as less ‘Terminator’ and more ‘Screamers’.

  • Vincent

    Krpy, bonus points to you.

  • Do you mean “Screamers” with the little robots zipping along under the sand, or “Screamers” with people turned inside out, “…and they’re still alive!”

  • Your post is hysterical, it made me laugh out loud :) Maybe costume manufacturers should think twice about what effects their costumes will create when the kids go to a stranger’s door. Very funny..

  • Yeah,

    You can also compare this pic with Arnold as terminator.

    To me looks more funny when I think about that. :))

    Beast vs baby beast. LOL