Ten More Inappropriate Action Figure Names

Chris Piers   June 1, 2016   Comments Off on Ten More Inappropriate Action Figure Names

kit fisto

It’s kind of funny how I rarely know what posts for Robot’s Pajamas will really take off. But the post of 10 Inappropriate Action Figure names did really well and got shared a lot on Twitter and Facebook. Several of our regular readers even replied with suggestions we didn’t include. So we used them (and credit them) to make a list of 10 more really inappropriate action figure names.

Breast Chaser

breast chaser rotnmango

Suggested by Rot’n Mango

Breast Chaser? I’m sure it’s some sort of translation miscommunication but seriously: no one at the printer or retailer or anyone knew what this would mean for the English-speaking audience?


spastic transformers

Suggested by Daniel Francis

Oof. While here in the States we might use the word spastic to refer to someone acting overly energetic, over in the UK it’s a really offensive term for someone that’s got muscular development issues. It’s generally not a nice term for people here, either. This Transformer ultimately got pulled and renamed.

Turg the Window-Licker

lego window licker

The last toy company I’d think of to name something offensive would be Lego. But they did. The Danish brick company created the above monster and described him as a window-licker, which is a slang term for a person that developmentally disabled. It inspired a lot of offended people to write to Lego and the character description was quickly changed.


Lube Transformers

Suggested by Chris Eddy

I guess I get it. Lube for a car is obviously a real thing. It just isn’t the first thing you necessarily think of. Maybe he should have just been called Oil or something like that. Because if you run around calling yourself “Lube” not everyone is thinking the same thing.


herc armstrong hooker

Inhumanoids was a short-lived line of toys in 1986 from Hasbro, along with a 13-episode cartoon series. Some scientists battled gigantic monsters. The leader was Dr. Herc Armstrong but when he suited up for battle, he was called… Hooker. Check out the back of the toy card. Code name: Hooker. Wow.

Rip It

rip it

G.I. Joe’s enemy, Cobra, literally named one of their troops after a fart. I just don’t know what they were thinking.



I mean, I guess we get what they were going for. This guy’s a transforming Dump Truck (he was a GoBot). But no one calls Dump Trucks “dumpers”. They definitely call butts dumpers though.



So this guy was a fire truck GoBot. But no one calls those pumpers. In fact, if you type “pumper” into a search engine, well, those NSFW results are all on you.

Horny Toad

horny toad

A “horned toad” is a creature. A “horny toad” like this guy from Battle Beasts? That’s jut a name for a pervert.


bj barney

Apparently, Barney the dinosaur had a friend named BJ. There she is with her name right on her foot. Jesus, Barney.